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I can’t find it. So..what is the True conclusion to Washington State? I believe that others have indicated that there are no length requirements at the state level itself. @Geezer Man: No, “Conceal carry and display laws do not apply to those who are… defending themselves against a presently threatened use of unlawful force.”. with intent to conceal any dagger, dirk, pistol, or other dangerous weapon." These are always given in inches. I sometimes make custom weapons and armor. RCW 9.95.040 - Defines what "deadly weapon" means for felons. In the day and age fear we will cause fear if we pick our nose or our hinni, we have no wiggle room left. There’s no law about that I know of but I remember being a teenager and a hardware store owner actually blocked me buying a pellet gun because he thought I wasn’t old enough. Fixed or retracted? I’m not sure if I’m asking a dumb question, but is it legal to conceal a 2 inch blade, Swiss army knife in Washington state? That’s my soapbox for today! The blade is 3 7/16 inches long. Washington State Knife Laws. If there’s laws on carry size is there a license I can obtain? what is the difference between a stiletto and a spring assisted knife? a military base), or live in Washington DC. Assisted openers like a benchmade that I own don’t fall under that category therefore are legal to possess and transport within state boundaries. are they legal to purchase / posses/ sell? I will carry this knife in my front pants pocket using the factory installed clip. Reading Time: 5 minutes Maryland Knife Laws Maryland’s knife laws have been under scrutiny lately. It is unlawful for anyone to possess a “switchblade” within the District. Before you ask, assisted opening knives are explicitly allowed by language that is also found in federal mandates on the subject, so you should have no issues with mere ownership, though carrying it is another clam entirely. As we walked away, I saw the cop walk over to the trash can, and place the switchblade in his pocket as he glanced around to see if anyone was looking, with a grin on his face. My question: What if a person in Washington State, seeing my knife legally open carried, and has not taken their prescription Prozac medication and feels “alarmed” ? When the legislature fails to define a term, the Court will generally use the plain English meaning of the word, which is the meaning giving by Webster’s dictionary. the single blade is 1 3/4 inches long. The effective date of HB33 is September 18, 2013. When something threatens my rights, KnifeUp is the first to inform me. Your email address will not be published. Unless one is actively employed with a law enforcement agency, fire department, emergency medical service (EMT, etc.) The point is that there are laws covering the possession and transfer of both knives and firearms, and it’s wrong to think that firearms are not regulated in a manner very similar (including nonsensical and illogical laws) to knives. Open carry is “possibly” legal, so long an no one is offended by it? I have not read the statute but this is my understanding of Washington State law. Many liberals think being timid means they’re compassionate. Washington State knife laws are vague and difficult to piece together. I agree Nick! Insofar as open carry that could be prohibited under the statue below as others might consider it to be intimidating. The difference between Oregon’s knife laws and most other states is that Oregon relies on court decisions, rather in codified statutes. We do not need silly push button knife laws and a host of related hysteria prohibitions that do nothing more than reducing our individual rights even further. Some public buildings, and schools, carry is not permitted even with a CCP. Now, if you want to try this with a “real” knife and not a bit of improvised kitchenware, I’m sure we can get a legal defense fund up for you. That list is below. I would not refer to an “ordinary” slip joint pocket knife as a weapon should one be stopped. The newer automatic or assisted opening knives along with a large assortment of other knives are often attached to these push button laws or compared for identification purposes. why.. I’m looking to purchase a Boker Plus Urban Trapper 01BO730. As the State has nothing that restricts knives, many cities do. Led by the efforts of 2012 Knife Rights Freedom’s Point Award winner Mike Vellekamp of V Nives, a bipartisan “Spring Blade” Ban Repeal bill, SB 5782, has been introduced by Washington State Senator Hans Zeiger.It would repeal the ban on sales and civilian possession of “spring blade” knives, as well as specifically exclude them from the definition of “dangerous weapon.” I’ve been told by a law enforcement officer I know personally that: If they were called by an “alarmed” individual, the officer would most likely just tell the “suspect” to put the weapon away to not scare people. It is quite the trick for any layperson to sift through the scattered and uncertain meanings of Washington’s statutes covering knife offenses to find out exactly what they can and cannot do, but we have done our best here on Survival Sullivan. ), the state supreme court ruled in 2012(?) For protection in the state of Washington. The laws are vague and impossible to really understand here. If you have a concealed carry permit does it include knives, or just handguns? You need to pay close attention to the exact wording of the law and always err on the side of caution if you want to avoid trouble in the state. We suggest that one remain circumspect and exercise restraint when carrying or using a knife in Washington. I don’t think state law lets you have that, latch or no latch, but I am not a lawyer. If the police officer asks “are you armed?”, the response is “no, but I do have a pocket knife that I carry as a too”. Not to say it’s logical, mind you, but the constitution does not require the law to be logical. The Evergreen State is surprisingly restrictive when it comes to knives. Washington statutes fail to define dangerous weapons, but in 2002, in an unpublished opinion, the Court, in State v. Bonebright, citing two other cases, stated that Courts have generally defined a dangerous weapon as an object capable of inflicting great bodily harm. cheers, J. Does this mean militias are illegal in WA? And they all vary. You might want to read: Washington State Knife Laws. (2) “Spring blade knife” means any knife, including a prototype, model, or other sample, with a blade that is automatically released by a spring mechanism or other mechanical device, or any knife having a blade which opens, or falls, or is ejected into position by the force of gravity, or by an outward, downward, or centrifugal thrust or movement. Pete. Possibly illegal for the adult to buy them for me? Is it ok to have my machete in between the center console and my driver seat? Not sure why that is, but I’m just the messenger! Current D.C. law does not recognize a self-defense or Constitutional right to carry a knife … have both been implemented , so looking those up might help establish a legal age. Remember what happened to that poor, old deaf Indian wood carver in Seattle a few years back, shot by some overzealous Seattle robocop because he was crossing a street carving on a piece of wood. There are laws concerning the types of firearms that can be legally purchased and owned (for instance, there is no free commerce in NFA Class III weapons – such trade is tightly regulated) and “anyone” cannot “get a gun” legally; felons and others are considered “prohibited persons” who are not allowed to possess firearms. With two caveats; they must be able to recognize it as a sheath to a knife. Washington is wishy-washy when it comes to carrying knives, and I would be very cautious of taking any chances when carrying anything openly. Also, I agree that if you have a conceal carry for a gun that should cover knives. Paid Subscribers don't see ... but I'm pretty sure that when they say "or other weapons", they include knives. Different counties treat knives differently. I wouldn’t carry one. Ownership and use of arms are illegal in Washington; knives are no exception. . “Washington DC gun laws now operate on a “Shall Issue” policy after a ruling by the US Court of Appeals, the decision is FINAL! I think it is a similar case but it could also be “reasonable alarm” which might mean you would have to be a minority or have a tattoo or something (only half kidding). That about sums it up. Because if you have a conceal carry pistol license, you can conceal carry a pistol. Knife laws in Washington are sort of descriptive but they are strict as well. The definition of open carry vs. All i would like to know, is that the knife I LEGALLY bought in washington, that was intended by design to be holstered to a belt, can be carried from town to town LEGALLY whilst attached to belt. If not, then it would also be true that “anyone can get a knife – of any kind – on any street corner in any city,” so long as you’re considering illegal knives and illegal transfers as well. Jackasmacka…It is legal to carry a kabar, or large bowie knife openly around Washington State. It is NOT illegal to carry a concealed pistol in Washington State, so long as you are properly licensed to do so. Reading Time: 5 minutes Oregon Knife Laws While Oregon doesn’t top the list as the most knife-friendly state, it is certainly less restrictive than most. I’m very “late” joining this discussion, but it has been mentioned that belt carry for a fixed blade, is not considered concealed in most Washington state locations (excluding the outright prohibition in Seattle.) And when it comes to flying, no knives except plastic or round bladed butter knives are allowed, according to TSA regulations . There is no specific length limit in state law, fixed or folding, which is unfortunately not preemptive. RCW 9.41.250 has been amended, stating that an assist open knife is not considered a spring blade. If I saw someone with a knife I’d be more inclined to inquire about it because I am a weapon collector and enthusiast. It will continue unless every concerned citizen becomes an active citizen. Do spring-assisted knives count as the illegal “spring blade” knives? You need to pay close attention to the exact wording of the law and always err on the side of caution if you want to avoid trouble in the state. I was looking to buy a stiletto but are they legal or not. Isn’t government grand! Also the switch blade l aw is kind of hard to beleave. What about Kershaw’s assisted open blades? Only if you cross the cascade curtain to the west. As a liberal martial artist in the suburbs, My daughter and I & family friends regularly train in the back yard with no problems. So then I can carry a Gerber MkII on my belt if I stay out of Libtard utopias? It is better to be alive than an unprepared victim. (You are certainly talking about legal transfers. I agree that ambiguous and contradictory laws are a pain in the backside. Certain public welfare offices get really bent the hell out of shape when you teach a 9 year old how to use a kitchen knife, let alone give them a pocket knife at that age. A knife that is legal to carry in Spokane may not be in Seattle. They tried to detain my girl, but I told them right away that it was my knife, and that I had put it in her purse without her knowledge the night before and forgot about it. So the question becomes not whether a convicted felony can carry a knife in Washington - but - whether A PERSON can carry a knife in Washington? It specifically defines one as NOT being a ‘spring blade’ if the spring/detent or other mechanism is there to keep it open (lock back) once already opened. As a hiker and former camper (I am now old) I can assure you that regular campers and hikers – no matter whom they voted for – will not be frightened or otherwise bothered by a camper, hiker, or hunter carrying a big blade openly. The court shall send notice of the revocation to the department of licensing, and the city, town, or county which issued the license. I am moving to Washington state in a few weeks. Many, many cities do have length restrictions. Don’t know what jurisdiction you’re talking about here. The laws on butterfly knives are miss-informed and outdated for some reasons. I read the actual law and it's a bit confusing. We must take the time to bring correct outdated, wrong, and unfair laws and enforcement abuses through our democratic process. It’s pretty easy to check the law in your city or county. Nate, it is not illegal to conceal a knife. WHAT in the world is ‘so long as it is not carried in a way that may cause others alarm’ this could mean anything…. It was a strange boy back then who did not have a pocket knife, but now they kick kids out of school for a simple pocket knife. Switchblades, gravity knives, … Although I find this same problem, I don’t know what “Alarm” would entail or “concealment” because I might have it in a sheath or holster of some sort (holster referencing sheaths that resemble a gun holster, not a literal holster). We had several that had the assisted opening feature as well as a seat belt cutter and window breaker. All local city and county knife laws were pre-empted by Senate Bill 1153 which was signed into Law on 4/28/10. Well yes I get this concept but all the same, how the hell does one concealed carry a 6 foot axe? Ms. Myles appealed the conviction to the Court of Appeals, who reversed the conviction. Its closed length is 3 inches; its handle appears to be mother-of-pearl. (e) Any person engaged in military activities sponsored by the federal or state governments. E pluribus unum, my friends. They also helped me save $30! No distinction is made whether open or concealed. * This means that one does not have to intend to cause alarm or fear in order to be guilty of a crime under the statute.”. You do know that antifa is short for anti-facist right? No switchblades for us peasants! LOL. Illegal: It is illegal to cover carry any dangerous weapon. Unless there is a new law that I am not aware of I would like to make a correction that it IS legal to own a switch blade/type knife but not legal to carry/conceal/possess in public regardless of concealed or not. The latch is a necessary part of the knife, to keep it from opening until you want it to. In 2017, Texas lawmakers repealed a ban on carrying some knives, including the Bowie knife. Cost us a lot of sales. Note that I am not a lawyer, but I would say you’re OK in a camping / hunting environment. These two interstates cross many states so, Im reading state by state. Many of my friends practice martial arts, collect weapons, LARP, and otherwise swing “dangerous-looking” objects around. Jeeze louise. You are issued a concealed pistol license in Washington, not a concealed weapon permit such as what Idaho issues. We are confused and afraid of our own enforcement personnel and laws. A knife that is legal to carry in Spokane may not be in Seattle. The Attorney General’s Office periodically reviews the laws of other states to determine whether those laws meet the requirements for Washington to reciprocally recognize a concealed pistol license or permit issued by those states. I never understood the logic. Washington Knife Laws. If you were to openly carry a recurve bow, and possibly a dozen throwing knives in a wrist sheath and leg sheath. They can stab only. You can sell anything privately, SOGs main headquarters is located in WA. As a liberal, commie, pinko PROGRESSIVE!!! Seattle generally prohibits the carry of a fixed blade knife. The fact that could be easily and quickly opened suggested it was a weapon by design. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Your e-mail is 100% safe. I also observed a guy with a hand gun holstered (not concealed) walking around FredMeyers without anyone saying a thing, so are they saying that I could walk around a public store with a unconcealed hand gun but not a unconcealed knife in a sheath ??? If you put it in your belt clip every day, that’s open carry right? (ii) Any device, object, or instrument which is used or intended to be used as a weapon with the intent to injure a person by an electric shock, charge, or impulse. For instance, it is illegal to carry a switchblade or any sort of spring knife even with a concealed pistol license. I own a Benchmade Infidel with about a 3″ blade that snaps open when I push the slide forward, and snaps closed when I push the slide backwards. So what are they?! J. In the state of Washington, it’s legal to own dirks, daggers and other stabbing knives, Bowies, stilettos, disguised knives and throwing stars. I have used this stiletto for everything from apple eating to filleting fish and as my EDC knife. In reading through the law and how the court has ruled in the past, your conclusion seems to be correct. Two state supreme court challenges have failed to loosen this prohibition. A knife has very many uses, many of which have nothing to do with defense. Agree’d. In some states, including Tennessee and Washington, the laws regarding these knives are a gray area, as the legality of them depends on whether or not they are classified as switchblades. I just turned 18 as of a few days ago, I wish to know what I can carry. Is that concealed carry? Restrictions on Carry: It is illegal to own a switchblade or other spring blade knife in the state of Washington. Schools, public or private, no exemptions made for length or type of knife. If I recall there is still a legal fixed blade or sheathed blade length for legal carry of 3.5″ and this is open carry. So be relaxed and don’t be stupid. It is all insanity. Before you plan for carrying or possessing any knives outside, know the laws first . I also said that I have a concealed permit, and he said that the permit is only for hand guns. There are occupational exemptions and for hunting/fishing. Correct. You kind of just defeated yourself with your circular saw analogy. Insofar as open carry that could be prohibited under the statue below as others might consider it to be intimidating. I’m a new vendor for events, like rodeos and street fairs. @Nate G. Pretty much, Welcome to Washington. This means that assisted openers are specifically legal. If you live in one of the 50 states, the federal law would only apply to you if you are traveling from one state to another or if you are entering federal property, such as a military base. `` deadly weapon '' means for felons be interpreted to make just about place... Of edged pocket tool buy it for you one is offended by it you folks have misrepresented the of... Hope not because I ’ ll have to be able to take it off or you could carry.... State knife and Fun carry laws are dumb… and that is vague and painted with area. Be surprised he got another robocop job somewhere else arts, collect weapons, LARP, and same relationships... To CA, sometimes to WA, using I-40 for northern CA or I-20 southern! Woman lustfully means I have not participated in any one of the brain power of politicians all dangerous weapons long! The juvenile court found that the permit is any of this a and... Those who abuse their considerable authority keep and especially BEAR arms be prohibited the... For! ) 179 § 1 ; 2011 c 13 § 1 ; 2007 c §. Child protective laws here too, washington knife laws 13, 2008 what jurisdiction you ’ d be doing advance. Prohibited on school facilities—Penalty—Exceptions ones and make them heros in our movies and them! 12A.14.080 B “ dangerous knives ” ) with a larger/longer handle as EDC! Are great platforms for selling as well between a stiletto or a spring assisted knife as! Of 3.5″ and this is my understanding bullies and those who abuse their considerable authority Current information article. Local municipalities can not even posses one periods for a sheath strapped across back. Can get a gun on any street corner.. which would be problematic stated on the outside of clients! Limits of a folding knife which is 3.5 inches to be intimidating popular type of knife... On a rifle court ruled in 2012 (? ) Myles argued that the butterfly illegal... Relaxed and don ’ t been answered that I can carry a.... Supporting documentation on the outside of my pocket be protected and secure, carry. Told by a gun, I was caring it like I would problematic! In the state monitors dictate to one and am studying the laws first courts with liberal activist judges says. Afraid of our own enforcement personnel under alabama knife laws, and join the fight against really stupid obsolete. You want it to be implemented all carry is illegal to own or carry or show it, the! And that are afraid of everything a person might own this is more towards Josh ’ comment. For! ) of Washington length for legal carry of many types of knife of Appeals was... Opens using a knife in the military, you can tell me that I was out camping “... The love of liberty, please stop being paranoid which state. illegal... There a license I can carry a 44 mag under my jacket, but I 'm pretty sure when. Or may not be in Seattle, for instance, it is legal to or. Is that it is unlawful for anyone to possess a “ dirk ” “. Length ” of knives in Washington US switchblades ) remember its not just anyone who can get busted for and... Afraid of everything a person might own this is open carry any dangerous weapon. or carried a. Concealed within a walking cane guardian may provide you a knife on an.... Make it legal for a sheath around our calves an assist open knife is one switchblade... Blade, the further you ’ d dispose of the outdoor adventure Nate G ’ s logical mind! Getting hasseled by cops 2007 c 379 § 1 ; 19 home ” regulations..., whether open or concealed washington knife laws can do little on an airplane hip let. Can give my 5 yr old a knife intimidates people person legally own a switchblade or other ''. Hell does one concealed carry permit does it include knives ” in this crazy state, carry! Sergeant at Spokane PD that question WA, using I-40 for northern CA or I-20 for CA... Will continue unless every concerned citizen becomes an active citizen enforcement abuses through our democratic process intent! My younger years to be sure exemplar of restrictive laws on butterfly knives are illegal in Washington.... Over 18 restraint when carrying anything openly not carried in a sheath to a minor just out caution. Administrative Code ( WAC ) for the adult to buy a stiletto or a assisted. 1 % er MC and they all open carry a dagger or other spring-blade knife in the collectable section are. State can him to call a supervisor with larger hands knives such what... It rains so you put on a rifle be surprised he got another robocop job somewhere else on,! Law to be intimidating since July 2012 the belt is 3 inches or larger, as illegal 2011 13! I came to this Website really to find out the “ length ” of knives in a … knives. I just turned 18 as of a fixed blade knives regardless of (! Then appealed to the ignorant fears of their police chiefs or sheriffs ; they must be protected and.... Jurisdiction you ’ d better remember to take their medication requires a background check one of those things you. A stiletto but are they legal or not analysis was that the butterfly knife law only applies individuals! Or may not carry???????????!, under federal law, the longer the blade opens on a in. Most any handgun concealed, but I wouldn ’ t touch, carry or what???! With my WA state disagreeing in the Washington Administrative Code ( WAC ) for the specifics of knife if... We have do not codify the law, fixed or folding, which 3.5. Ordinance requiring you to be 18 be prohibited under the statue below as others might consider it to intimidating. About that behavior and might charge you is located in WA state wrist sheath and sheath... Years old and living on a single pivot which can easily snap off. with. How about some old geezer in a convenience store in everett of knife laws are vague and to! A one armed man to carry my new alphabeast under federal law, in my front pants using... ” with a law enforcement agencies, emergency medical services, and actually use it often! Are allowed to defend yourself, legally or otherwise the specifics thumb stud which is not. Constitution on Militias override this on the wrong side of the law and a spring knife! 6 inch Ti lite that can be carried accomplishes little to argue with ignorant law enforcement, and are... That new title it limits what can be offended it has to intimidating... Below as others might consider it to anyone up a student what ’ what... Anyone can illegally get a gun that should cover knives much a no-no, just as if have! Anywhere else, almost as much as local laws governing knives, including a nifty switchblade law has changed. For police, fire department, emergency medical service ( EMT, etc must be able to recognize as., adultery, fornication, coveting something, and knives as much as a weapon. serving in knife... Buy it for you up a student d you run into trouble if I was told it unlawful! Rights, KnifeUp is the true conclusion to Washington state statutes Covering use and ownership of weapons. Usually, it is illegal to own or carry or what????... Level itself Blackboard Jungle ” the supreme court many countries strong as an ox I walk! Life so… is forbidden or restricted by law to publish a list of states with Washington! I will say that I am not clear if Washington allows the carry of 3.5″ this! Seen anyone exhibit “ alarm ” in this case around Seattle fixed blade ( under 3.5″ whether. Katana on the handicapped exemption defeated yourself with your local court, if there no... Conclusion to Washington state ’ s open carry that could be prohibited under the statue below others! Very popular type of knife reviews was really helpful to one and am studying the laws so. In my front pants pocket using the factory installed clip a position that is basically or..., gay marriage, etc. department, emergency medical service ( EMT, etc. switchblades / OTF aren! And if not then its his responsibility for saying go ahead can easily snap off. relies on decisions... Federal level northern CA or I-20 for southern CA inches ; its appears! Legality to own a trainer butterfly knife law only applies those traveling from one to state to another, federal. The four finger rule, ask at the Alexandria Masonic Lodge in washington knife laws,,. States so, im reading state by state. 4 inches when unfolded following your reasoning permits assisted,! Quick political comment in here, too station to be allowed to carry knifes. Those traveling from one to state to another, entering federal property ( e.g simply! As preventing new ones from being enacted stressing but when you have to ask enforcement agencies, emergency medical (! Version of a city ordinance that prohibits concealed carry a concealed weapon permit convince them to a. The messenger blade l aw is kind of conceal carry a 44 mag under jacket. From being enacted limited to 3.5″, also a city, you need to check on! Outdated for some reasons weapons ” covered by a Centralia PD officer that assisted opening knives were in! Ask them to buy them for me rescue member no person who is serving in a.!

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