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DOD’s security cooperation authorities were most recently and significantly modified in the FY2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) (P.L. The Geographic Combatant Commands (GCCs), the Implementing Agencies (IAs), and non-traditional implementers must follow the processes set forth below when developing Section 333 programs. Transportation, Deliveries & Training - weekly Mondays at 0900, Global Train and Equip - bi-weekly Wednesdays at 0900, GCC Secure VTC - 3rd Wednesday of every month at 1200, Integrated Regional Teams (IRT) monthly sync SVTCs - schedule varies by GCC. Security Cooperation Between Japan and South Korea on the North Korean Nuclear Threat: Strategic Priorities and Historical Issues * Sachio Nakato; Pages: 307-333; First Published: 28 August 2020; Abstract; Full text; PDF; References; Request permissions; An Imagined Brotherhood: The Rhetorical Framework and Prospects for China–Taiwan Relations . DEPUTY ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF THE NAVY FOR INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS The report must include information on the timeliness of those deliveries compared to the delivery schedule included in the original Congressional Notification. Once OUSD(C) releases approved program funds to DSCA, the direct funds transfer to the recipient organization should occur within 30 days, as long as no other program holds exist. The GCC is responsible for ensuring the SCO has entered all International Military Student (IMS) training details prior to the training start date. |(e��L�s�A=W#�-� The GCCs provide assistance, as appropriate, for the ground movement of articles to their final destination. Congressional Notification to Letter of Offer and Acceptance Crosswalk ("CN to LOA Crosswalk"). DIILS will complete the human rights training for all programs requiring intermediate or advanced human rights training. Transportation Forecast Spreadsheet (SCIP/SCMS/Documents tab), Title Transfer Documents (SCIP/SCMS/Documents tab), SEC333 Points of Contact List (SCIP/SCMS/Documents tab). With increased pressure on defense spending, the scope and budget for these activities … During the mid-year reviews, DSCA and the IAs will identify residual and undistributed funds no longer required at the program level and facilitate reallocation of funds against other priority requirements. DSCA may reassign an entire program or specific lines on the TEL to another implementer if the implementer or DSCA identifies issues that may inhibit the execution of a particular program. Section 381(b) financial reports (quarterly), reports (quarterly). SAMM C15.5.4.4 Advance Notice of Delivery. There are significant reporting requirements for security cooperation programs as required by statute, instructions and policy. Congressional Notification TAB B (SCIP/SCMS/Documents tab), TEL FY21 Final Version (SCIP/SCMS/Documents tab), CN to LOA crosswalks (SCIP/SCMS/Documents tab). The Section 333 Quarterly Report is the official program report for Congressional committees to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the Section 333 authority. ���|�=2��;U^0U'{�;�Q�g5��YC^��/(]V��a��Ϡ���//e*u�T� �ze�ye���-�����D��>���ȩ~�R��C��J���A���m3 ��Ks�Ѫ�5����Ŝ�o�Βݺa^=S'z�WϘW��h=c|��av�9�� ��'00_G��G��'Yx��zA>K2Ӄ���p7�*�t��5����I���cG6ͪ����Ss. National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2017, Public Law 114-328, Chapters 11 (Special Programs and Services), Interim Clarification on 10 USC § 333, DSCA Policy 18-38, Interim Clarification on Methods of Execution under 10 USC § 333, DSCA Policy 19-12, 10 U.S. Code § 333. DSCU Requests for equipment delivery to the Partner Nation (PN) must go to the respective GCC Requesting Authority and DSCA RPD for inclusion on the Transportation Forecast schedule. For smaller items going to the JCP, the DTC code is 2/7. 10 U.S.C § 333 requires DSCA to submit quarterly reports to Congress about the delivery and execution status of all defense articles, training, defense services and supplies (including consumables), and small-scale construction. §2403, military education and training is defined as formal or informal instruction of foreign students in the United States or overseas by officers or employees of the United States, contract technicians, or contractors (including instruction at civilian institutions), or by correspondence courses, technical, educational, or information publications and media of all kinds, training aid, orientation, and military advice to foreign military units and forces. IAs update the "Estimated Ship Date" field on the CN to LOA crosswalk in SCIP. Undistributed funds are funds originally designated for a specific program on the Congressional Notification but have not been placed on a case or sent via direct funds transfer. DSCA/Building Partner Capacity (BPC)/Capabilities Development Division (CDD) encourages using the Feasibility Checklist on the TEL early in the process to successfully generate requirements. When required, GCCs, IAs and non-traditional implementers must provide requested information as part of the report submission. !��� (L�(I����[@�a��Zaѧ���~�6S������i�,[�zZB���lN�\�K' ��l��^7�C��&E^e��̧6'���a��ا�e��}>�>���g�>�_=��x1�܁��k��4�=�r����b�tH�IZ�f�k'��K��`=�.�n���-�^��cP�2(���a So far 47 projects were put forward by a group of Member States and adopted by the Council. Direct funding programs is by exception only and must be approved by the DSCA CDD Division Chief via a direct funds request. About this journal. Training and equipment requirements not included in the final TEL submission from the GCC will not be notified to Congress for Congressional approval. DIRECTOR, DEFENSE CONTRACT MANAGEMENT AGENCY Each year, DSCA will hold two mid-year reviews to review progress on executing programs consistent with Congressional Notifications. DSCA will review the PEMMs annually to ensure execution practices remain current. The MIPR will also include a request to obligate the funds within three months of MIPR acceptance. AFSAT Immediately following the feasibility review period, DSCA tasks the IAs to provide P&A. Further information about CFY and FOC execution can be found in DSCA Policy Memo 18-38. This includes Arms, Ammunition and Explosives (AA&E). In 2018, the SSCI Director of Security James Wolfe was arrested and convicted of lying to the FBI on the leak of classified documents to a reporter with whom he was in an affair. The IAs and non-traditional implementers must follow the processes set forth below when executing Section 333 cases. Provide security cooperation policy, process, authorities, and planning subject matter expertise to a DoD client. The IAs and non-traditional implementers must follow the processes set forth below when implementing Section 333 cases. CDD will monitor cases through implementation, track equipment not on cases, and review the tracker with the IAs during the Global Train and Equip (GTE) teleconferences. The formal feasibility period is 7-14 days. Please do not contact the JCP directly to request equipment deliveries or request for TAC codes. While DoD has until the end of the FY to obligate expiring funds, stakeholders use obligation rates at the end of the 3rd Quarter of each FY to inform next year appropriation decisions. The Supplement Safety & Compliance Initiative (SSCI) is an industry-driven initiative led by retailers to provide a harmonized benchmark created to recognize supplement safety, authenticity, and compliance standards around the world for equivalency throughout the entire supply chain. Any CONUS and/or OCONUS transportation costs on a line are funded by the current year Section 333 transportation case. Kapolei, HI. CDD will work with DSCA's Chief Performance Management Office (CPMO) to establish mechanisms to monitor case implementation status - tracking and annotating reasons for late implementation - and measure Section 333 case implementation timelines against the above milestones and standards. This is a rare DTC; please consult the DSCA RPD prior to case development. GCCs may request a Delivery Assistance Team (DAT) to assist with equipment delivery and transfer to partner nation. If OUSD(C) has not released the program funds or the program is affected by Department of State (DoS) restrictions or sanctions, the DSCA Directorate of Business Operations (DBO) Country Financial Director (CFD) will hold case in BPCWait/Review status. endstream endobj 2737 0 obj <>stream It also establishes the metrics DSCA will use beginning in Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 to monitor Section 333 program performance, as required by law. Madeleine Albright Eric Cantor JD Crouch Rudy DeLeon Paula Dobriansky Jamie Gorelick Jane Harman Robert Joseph Henry Kissinger David McCormick Frank Miller Gary Roughead James Talent FON MODA Leadership. GCC specific program reviews - held on ad hoc basis that varies by GCC. The below document establishes the required milestones for developing and executing Building Partnership Capacity (BPC) programs under the authority of 10 U.S. Code § 333. SCMS Dashboard Report (SCIP) for the list of all LOAs under approved program. Security Cooperation Information Portal (SCIP) Overview. •Discusses Security Cooperation Assessments Security Cooperation in Strategic Context Security cooperation (SC) provides ways and means to help achieve … USASAC-NC DIRECTOR, NATIONAL GEOSPATIAL-INTELLIGENCE AGENCY DSCA will not accept TELs that include equipment for several units. USCG International Affairs (G-CI), Section 333 Program Execution Monitoring and Milestones (PEMMs). DSCA stands ready to work with the Implementing Agencies (IAs) and other implementers to improve program execution and minimize unused funds that could be realigned to support other priorities. The report must also include information about the status of funds for allocated programs, included amounts of unobligated funds, unliquidated obligations, and disbursements. C1.3.2.1. One TEL is required per unit. The FMTR must include all training and education funded by Section 333. A Section 333 program "starts" with the first obligation recorded against that program. All tracking, monitoring and reporting requirements will be accomplished via the Security Assistance Network - Training Management System (SC-TMS) once all training is included on a case. The Journal of International Development is an inter-disciplinary journal that aims to publish the best research on international development issues in a form that is accessible to practitioners and policy-makers as well as to an academic audience. The program elements that require additional documentation are listed below. Items requiring long lead contracting action are flagged and reviewed during quarterly program reviews with the IAs. DSCA hosts the following weekly or periodic teleconferences to synchronize the Section 333 community. It is the primary document translating desired capabilities to specific acquisition requirements. IAs will enter requisitions in the appropriate logistics management system within 30 days of case implementation. The GCCs will use the USASAC-produced Transportation Forecast spreadsheet to manage the delivery of defense articles. Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (USD (P)). Prior to Congressional notification, the Defense Institute of International Legal Studies (DIILS) will review the proposed assistance package and determine the appropriate level of human rights training. To include a program in a Tranche, the DSCA Strategy, Plans and Policy Directorate (SPP) Planning and Program Design (PPD), CDD, and the team lead must verify the program's supporting documentation is complete, as applicable. DoD and DoS are required to produce a detailed annual report of all foreign military training the United States provided in the previous fiscal year and any known estimates for the next/current fiscal year. Below is a list of key program documents utilized by the Section 333 execution community. The public sector is under threat, facing multiple attacks from multiple vectors that threaten security and systems. All advance notice of delivery must include which unit will receive the materiel or service. Security Cooperation (SC) is founded on a tradition of cooperation between the United States and other sovereign nations with similar values and interests in order to meet common defense goals. As the Department of Defense (DoD) continues to implement the National Defense Strategy, DSCA must use funds efficiently to support the implementation and execution of the Security Cooperation (SC) Account (renamed as the National Defense Strategy Implementation Account in FY 2021). Implementation of these provisions remains a work … showing only Military and Government definitions . 2735 0 obj <>stream endstream endobj 2738 0 obj <>stream Within DoD, the principal responsible agencies for Security Cooperation (SC) are the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), the Combatant Commands (CCMDs), the Joint Staff, the Security Cooperation Organizations (SCOs), and the Military Departments (MILDEPs). For Mexico only, the DTC code is 5. Security cooperation has become a panacea, but those inside and outside of government must understand the importance of security deficits, how militaries are changing from forces of confrontation to forces of cooperation, the challenges of the “by, with, and through partners” approach, and why security cooperation is an important pillar of defense strategy. Case development is measured against a 60 day standard (SAMM C5.T6.) SAMM Chapter 5.1.7. DEPUTY ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF THE ARMY FOR DEFENSE EXPORTS AND COOPERATION This training should be scheduled directly prior to, in conjunction with, or shortly after overall program delivery. �0Eev&Pu_XD(�*K�qcc�`d���}��B��s�(% TUܐ�qs;z�ڣDQ`��\&!�b���#�����h�n��݄,�����M!�(���M���N��c�К�k5����f��s8���[��$���Zmd��M�˼�� �:� ���u�8 �E�2a�N�YYqęE�X6��\�Q�!��@\X5A����4�����M���\[Mj�D���`QQ3��d`f�i8��E���|(ca�`XN������@��f,���T��r*a�� ,�a�|H8�D��F��v5)��5��j_� ��n7�'j?��^ҫ�a�����w��2�38O���R6���2��T\O������*������\�8�h�^�޹�].�,��:��f����Y�b�f���W��M�.Z��- �x���ӡLQ|�/Q���r���74)��!�7���Ѳ,�iU�z,J���C��ߌ���aUe�~�oS���*O�f�> ����7�������`N��V'�LȆ���0��^_�K4+�4{�[4�@�ճY��_�(��?���E9A� mT��a?B�qEps�H�p��%���0}DR�^��zj�����/�����׫�S�����x��qr�8��U��=���hu�����. PTDO Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Anthony Tata PTDO Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for … The email will include the final Congressional Notification Tab B, a TEL roll-up, and the associated program code for each program. Once a Section 333 case reaches BPC Wait/Review status - and can proceed further in the process given funds availability - another 20 days are allocated to move it towards financial implementation. endstream endobj 2736 0 obj <>stream These funds are still available to the Department of Defense (DoD) in support of the specific notified program. DEFENSE SECURITY COOPERATION AGENCY 201 12th STREET SOUTH, STE 203 ARLINGTON, VA 22202-5408, COMMANDERS OF THE COMBATANT COMMANDS The level of human rights training required is identified on the TEL by DIILS. defense security cooperation agency 201 12th street south, ste 203 arlington, va 22202-5408. Section 333 Program Hotwash - annual event held in October. Issue 9 2020, Cyber Security. If you have any questions concerning this guidance, please contact Ms. Caroline Chin, DSCA-SPP/SPI,, (703) 697-9073 or Ms. Gunda Seng, DSCA-BPC/CDD,, (703) 697-9707. The GCCs must ensure the SCOs are aware of incoming shipments and have the necessary documents to clear customs. Um diese Aufgabe leisten zu können, integriert, überwacht und analysiert das SOC alle sicherheitsrelevanten Systeme wie Unternehmensnetzwerke, Server, Arbeitsplatzrechner oder Internetservices. This indicates a special approval to ship items to Mexico via their freight forwarder. Below the line charges only apply to DTC 2, not to both. If the program no longer needs the funds based on revised Pricing and Availability (P&A), the Congressional Notification program value is reduced and those funds may fund other priority requirements. GCCs, IAs and non-traditional implementers should participate to the maximum extent possible to stay abreast of program developments. There are three levels of human rights training - basic, intermediate, and advanced - which involve a 2-hour basic training requirement up through a 2-day-plus advanced training requirement. DSCA pulls relevant information from official systems of record in order to limit official requests for information to the maximum extent practical. Information on programs funded with Section 333 is included in all of the below reports. This requires DSCA to report funding and supply a performance summary in the FY of reporting that provides a measure of performance and effectiveness for CIDT programs evaluated in that FY, regardless of which FY appropriations were applied. The respective Member States now … Within ten business days of CDD's "Case Development" email, IAs will enter the Letter of Request (LOR) receipt date into DSAMS and follow the process in As such, the IAs should strive to obligate 80 percent of expiring funds by June 30 of each year. The Institute for Security Governance (ISG) is humbled and proud to accept the Secretary of Defense Award for Excellence in Maintenance Training, Advice, and Assistance of Foreign Security Forces in the Ministerial Category, for a second year in a row. hތYMs�8�+8�T�6� lMM-QwmI%ʙ�2{Pd��L�H���O�D���\��!�^?t7 "0F"ą��"����?����1l�+'� The required human rights training requirement must be provided, at a minimum, to the unit leaders and other key personnel of the recipient units. The GCCs, IAs and non-traditional implementers must follow the processes set forth below when developing Section 333 programs. DIRECTOR, DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY DISPOSITION Program Execution Monitoring and Milestones (PEMMs). TRADOC During the formal feasibility period, implementers review all TELs to ensure they can procure assigned equipment, training, and services; identify any questions about equipment, services and training; and, assess feasibility of the program. STATE/PM-RSAT Security cooperation objectives are the foundation of a system that allows policymakers and planners to assess foreign defense part-ners, monitor the performance of security cooperation programs, and evaluate their effectiveness. DEPUTY UNDER SECRETARY OF THE AIR FORCE FOR INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS The benefitting country code field is required for BPC cases and must correspond to the country code and DSCA-notified program. Please coordinate with the DSCA RPD if this is the case. The SSCI team includes experienced professionals from India and form around the world who have expertise and experience in the field of vocational training for more than 3 decades. Within five business days of CDD's "Case Development" email, the IAs will send the case ID to CDD, which will then enter the case ID in the Security Cooperation Information Portal (SCIP)/Security Cooperation Management Suite (SCMS)/Tranche maintenance input screen. USASAC DIRECTOR, DEFENSE LOGISTICS INFORMATION SERVICE NAVICP DIRECTOR, MISSILE DEFENSE AGENCY Ein Security Operations Center (SOC) ist ein Zentrum, das Dienstleistungen für die IT-Sicherheit bietet: ein Verfahren zur Vorbeugung und Behandlung von unvorhergesehenen Schwierigkeiten. Managing and using an access card becomes easier, faster, and safer when the user uses their own smartphone as a key to access doors, facilities and more. There may be limited instances based on the transportation plan where DTC 9 (port of debarkation) is more appropriate for the PN. Out of the 27 EU Member States, 25 have chosen to join PESCO and have agreed to binding commitments. The TEL is the core of the Memorandum of Request (MOR) for Section 333 programs. The "BPC Wait" milestone applies once BPC cases are in the Review status and signals the end of case development. Dietary supplements must meet or exceed the SSCI … DIRECTOR, DEFENSE INFORMATION SYSTEMS AGENCY This report must be delivered to Congress by January 31st each year. More... - - Lecturer. The attached program execution requirements will be included in a future comprehensive revision to Chapters 11 and 15 of the Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM) to reflect Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 National Defense Authorization Act consolidation of multiple authorities and its impact on execution, Security Cooperation Account Program Efficiency. For all basic level human rights training, the POC identified on the TEL is responsible for 1) receiving the DIILS-approved basic 2-hour human rights training curriculum from DIILS, 2) delivering that basic human rights training to the recipient unit, 3) providing DIILS with the certification package upon completion of the basic human rights training, and 4) providing DIILS with a list of attendees. IA-managed fund transfers for training (e.g., Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPRs)) will include the following: case information, funds availability, and the Period of Performance (POP) defined in the LOA. The SCO will provide a copy of the signed Transfer and Receipt document to the DSCA, JCP and upload the documents into SCIP/SCMS /Documents/GT&E Documents. If the IA determines that case development is anticipated to exceed 60 days, the IA will notify DSCA and enter a Case Development Extenuating Factor (CDEF) code into DSAMS to document the issue(s) and provide an estimated number of days to resolve the CDEF (SAMM C5.4.2.2). NAVSUP WSS The Period of Performance (POP) must match with the funds availability based on the funding source and notified program timeline. The creation of SSCI and HPSCI not only marked the beginning of greater attention to oversight, but also the start of a more transparent and collaborative relationship between the Intelligence Community and Congress. During this period, the IA should request additional information or clarification needed to provide pricing information. DTC 4 (shipping by the vendor) requires Financial Policy (FPA) and transportation approval prior to developing the LOA. It also requires as an overview of the Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation framework. Foreign security forces: authority to build capacity. The GCCs will review the CN to LOA crosswalk on a quarterly basis to ensure they remain current on upcoming deliveries. DIRECTOR, DEFENSE THREAT REDUCTION AGENCY For transportation cases, use the program code as the benefitting country code. %PDF-1.6 %���� DoD must submit an annual report to Congress that details, on a country-by-country basis, a description of each DoD program that provides training, equipment, or other assistance or reimbursement during the previous FY. DIRECTOR, SECURITY ASSISTANCE, DEFENSE FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING SERVICE Quarterly reports must be accurate and reflect any deviation from the original Congressional Notification. Further information about direct funds requests and execution can be found in DSCA Policy Memo 19-12. SATFA Title transfer procedures are outlined in SAMM C15.5.4.4 Advance Notice of Delivery. Items that require basic contracting action should be obligated within six months of case implementation. Contact DSCA/CDD if there are issues with the Congressionally Notified recipient unit expected to receive the equipment. This is an official site of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency. Section 333 case development starts with CDD's "Case Development" email. It may utilize either Cross Fiscal Year authority (CFY) or Full Operational Capability authority (FOC) as appropriate. If the IA does not raise any concerns, DSCA will assume the IA is able to execute the program as designed. Security cooperation is the umbrella term used to describe a wide range of programs and activities with such goals as building relationships between the United States and partner countries, developing these countries' security capabilities, and facilitating contingency and peacetime access by U.S. forces. Congress, the Office of the Secretary of Defense-Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation and the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Comptroller use obligation rates to evaluate program performance, determine current year rescissions, and inform future appropriations. Security cooperation assessment considerations † 5–8, page 19 Chapter 6 Security Cooperation Execution, page 20 AR 11-31 security cooperation execution requirements † 6–1, page 20 Army security cooperation programs † 6–2, page 20 Appendixes A. References, page 61 B. ISO/IEC 14776-481:2019 Information technology — Small computer system interface (SCSI) — Part 481: Part 481:Security Features for SCSI Commands (SFSC) The Defense Security Cooperation University recently hit its one-year mark. MCSCG Mid-Year Program Management Review - two per year in the first half of the FY to review programs in order to capture undistributed and residual funds. This information informs program reviews and future P&A reviews. Material may not be transferred to another unit without DSCA's / Congressional approval. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)/Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Checklist, Agreement from implementing office that they can execute the construction, DD 1391 (only for SSC projects over $750k), Master Spend Plan (only for SSC projects over $750k), Equipment requiring CTA and COCOM Endorsements, Vehicle Checklist - checklist varies depending on type of vehicle, Construction equipment checklist (e.g. ʌ���=A$k#��,B�f�Hk3�0phcq�I`�T���D�v ����se�� a `a��Y���� ^f�*�fe The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) has established a website known as the Security Cooperation Information Portal (SCIP) to enable International Customers, customer agents, and United States Government personnel, with appropriate permissions, to access a variety of features which are gathered into “Communities”. SSCI is a bold step forward in providing quality assurance from harvest to retailer shelf. After sending a Tranche to Congress as part of the congressional notification, CDD will send a "Case Development" email to the IAs to start case development. As the Department of Defense (DoD) continues to implement the National Defense Strategy, DSCA must use funds efficiently to support the implementation and execution of the Security Cooperation (SC) Account (renamed as the National Defense Strategy Implementation Account in FY 2021). MARCORIP DSCA conducts a line-by-line case review matching case lines against the TEL, adding the appropriate Case ID to each line on the TEL, and noting any significant price difference from the original P&A. The attached Program Execution Monitoring and Milestones (PEMMs) document provides specific metrics DSCA will use to monitor the efficiency of funds execution and details the required milestones associated with Section 333 program execution. When the IA's return P&A information to DSCA, they must identify any equipment that requires a Country Team Assessment (CTA) and Combatant Command (COCOM) Endorsement as well as any necessary disclosure requirements, and communicate this information to the DSCA Regional Portfolio Director (RPD). @,�==�c{��i�ԩ��{ǰR�^Z[Ҋ�\ڋZ,�d{��͖Fi����>t��c��9�g+R��EĶ�UQ۶ҋ��Q��ޙ��zq�(2��E-2m����������/?VWzx�������Z�O�Ա�û_ߎ���O�����g��U˷�`��hP�f�������8���jG��~�.Wj��������-Kkv�٤%�a��rR��gC� y��9zӔD�D�D�D����f��1du�pf��cd���GF���64�"�:�i)ǥ���`�7�܀;p�����s[�o6��5�����o�e��D��:u&L�1k�d"��kx���x ��p��:�p�z��Tv�U��(vď�!G��f��������KŘ�3k*��| ��8q�\(�� �x$�jE ��[L&s��D ���Z �Sц��J�*��LbLbLbד��܁;pހ7� xށ�=p�׈^#{��5�� #��6�b�v2��`'��v2��`'���ܹ�0 H'x

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