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As you get higher, the views just get better and better. Unless you don't want to believe your eyes anymore. [19], "When the world's glaciers shrunk, New Zealand's grew bigger", "Place name detail: Haupapa / Tasman Glacier", "Quake shakes 30m tonnes of ice off glacier", "A 40 Million Tonne Iceberg Dumped in Lake by NZ Earthquake",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 November 2020, at 16:26. I opted to head on the trails that were signposted but there are some alternate (less obvious) trails in the area too. I have highlighted all the key points along the way that you can make the stop at. 2) Tasman Glacier, Blue Lakes, & Tasman Lake Map, 5) Blue Lakes and Tasman Glacier View Track. Tasman Glacier Lake is a relatively recent addition to the scene, starting its formation in 1974 and growing steadily since then. The Tasman Glacier Lake is only 8 Km drive from the Hermitage and the Hooker Glacier walk, a walk you must do. At this point there will be plenty of smaller pieces of ice flowing from the lake into the river, a pretty unique site to see. [17], The proglacial Tasman Lake is a popular destination for boat tours among the icebergs often floating in the lake. [9] Since the 1990s the terminus has retreated about 180 metres (590 ft) a year on average. At the far end of the lake you will see the glacier wall out in the distance. [10], A large calving event was possibly triggered, or at least contributed to, by the 2011 Christchurch earthquake on 22 February 2011. Blue Lakes and Tasman Glacier View Walk Discover New Zealand's longest glacier with this walk that takes in alpine-fed lakes and glacier-moulded landscapes. Tasman Glacier trail is a short drive from the Mount Cook Village with ample parking available. An easy 3 hour trail round trip trail, this hike takes you alongside and into the valley beneath Mount Cook itself. Ball and Caroline) feed into. Here comes a bit more incline of the trail as you continue your way up the staircase to the Tasman Glacier View. The Tasman River exhibits a braided characteristic, and flows south into Lake Pukaki. The tributary Ball Glacier was also popular for skiing, with national championships being held there in the 1930s. Everything should be pretty well signposted but it is always helpful to have a app like handy just in case. Well sign up and join the TripTins community to receive monthly newsletters that will recap everything you need to know to make that trip as memorable as can be. After leaving the parking lot you should see signs pointing you in that direction. At first you will get a beautiful view of the lake from up top as you see plenty of icebergs floating in the water. This guide will go over both hikes and how to best take part of them. Don’t forget to check out the other New Zealand itineraries and guides up on the site and feel free to ask any questions down below. Glacier Kayaking, Southern Alps Guiding, Aoraki Mt Cook Guiding Company, Tasman Glacier Skiing, Tasman Glacier Heli Skiing and Heli Hiking are based in the Aoraki Mount Cook National Park. This track will take you above the valley with views of the glacier lake and Mount Cook out in the distance. The glacier is now in a period of faster retreat where the rate of retreat is calculated to be between 477 to 822 metres (1,565 to 2,697 ft) each year. Tasman Glacier Reviews & Ratings. If you're visiting New Zealand and into skiing, then one luxury to indulge in is skiing the Tasman Glacier, the longest river of ice in New Zealand's southern alps. Required fields are marked *, Join our mailing list to receive the latest iTINeraries, guides & helpful tips to plan your next trip, TripTins is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Set aside about half the time if you are looking to just head up to the halfway point to the Tarns. The longest glacier in the country is neither immovable nor permanent. Once all done with the view from above, head back down the stairs, where you will soon be pointed in the direction of the Tasman Lake Track. The waters of Tasman Lake flow into the Tasman River and flow south joining the Hooker River draining the proglacial lakes on the Hooker and Mueller Glaciers. After about 10 minutes of stairs and some nice views of the Blue Lakes from above, you will reach a beautiful viewpoint of the vast Tasman Glacier Lake and moraine wall down below. During the hike you will pass by the Mueller Lake, and onto three suspension bridges on your way to the base of Hooker Lake overlooking Mount Cook in the distance. Mount Cook National Park is full of different types of hiking trails all throughout the area. The Tasman Glacier terminates into a lake (Tasman Lake) which is currently 5km long and 240 metres deep and constantly expanding. The hike to view the glacier is straight up, mostly on gravel stairs with no handrails. » Check out an overview of every single hike in the Mt Cook Hikes Guide «. The large terminal moraines mark the foot of the Tasman Glacier at the time of the lake’s formation and are a sobering reminder of the glacier’s retreat. The park has walking tracks for all skill and fitness levels—the Blue Lakes trail is good for beginners, while the up-glacier hikes are recommended for more seasoned hikers. The runs are easy to moderate (green to blue grade), but all on natural snow. Tasman Glacier, Caroline hut to ball hut, Mackenzie District, Canterbury, New Zealand (-43.59623 170.20768). Snowfall during the winter and spring seasons may accumulate up to 50 metres (160 ft). [11][12] of ice dropped from the terminal face of the Tasman Glacier and fell into the Tasman Lake. Have fun out there and safe travels! Since it is a valley walk, there is barely any elevation gain/loss, making this a hike for nearly everyone to take part of. Feel free to head off to 1,2, or 3 of them before making your way back to the intersection that points you up to the Tasman Glacier View. The two main systems are the Tasman and the Godley. Boats are not allowed closer than 1.5 km (0.9 mi) to the 50 m (160 ft) tall terminal face of Tasman Glacier for safety reasons. Lying long and deep in the Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park is the incredible Tasman Glacier, a terminal ice structure that is the biggest of its kind in New Zealand.. If you are looking for one that combines lakes, glaciers, and plenty of viewpoints then the combination of the Blue Lakes and Tasman Glacier View Track and Tasman Lake Track is for you. At that point, the rock-covered lower Tasman Glacier in the valley between the moraine walls is 2.5 km (1.6 mi) wide. Similar events in the past have been attributed to buoyancy effects, a result of high basal water pressures and increased lake level following heavy rainfall events. It’s approximately eight kilometres away from Mount Cook Village. The rock cover helps insulate the ice from the sunlight and slows down the melting process. Haupapa / Tasman Glacier[2] is the largest glacier in New Zealand, and one of several large glaciers which flow south and east towards the Mackenzie Basin from the Southern Alps in New Zealand's South Island. Then board your MAC boat, and enjoy the ever changing face of the Tasman Glacier terminal lake and its icebergs. Actually, there is. Below are some quick facts about each the Blue Lakes and Tasman Glacier View Track and the Tasman Lake Track: Starting and Ending Point: Tasman Glacier Car Park, Pit Stops: 3 Blue Lakes and Tasman Glacier View, Pit Stops: Tasman Lake Jetty & Tasman Glacier Lake / River. The starting point of the trails is at the Tasman Glacier Car Park, a 15 minute / 10KM drive from Mount Cook Village. Although its upper reaches are snow-covered, rocks carried by the glacier are exposed by ablation along its course, and the lower glacier is entirely rock-covered. Instead, it continues to shrink by the day. » Take a look at the Red Tarns Track Guide to get you prepared for the trail. » Take a look at the Mueller Hut Track Guide to get you prepared for the trail. It's literally right in front of you. To your right you will see where the lake flows into the Tasman River down into the valley. Would not recommend for those with mobility issues. The glacier remained at a constant 28 km (17 mi) in length for all of its recorded history in the 20th century before starting its current period of rapid melting in the 1990s. 14 Day New Zealand South Island Itinerary, A Helpful Okere Falls Walk Guide | The 7 Meter Plunge, Kuirau Park in Rotorua | Mud Pools, Lakes, & Geothermal Activity. Now while they are called the Blue Lakes, you may be a bit confused that they are actually green in color. Tasman Glacier is one of the glaciers to come off the Mount Cook range in Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park. The car park is at the end of Tasman Valley road which you’ll take near the end of Mount Cook road. [1][3][4] It is as much as 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) wide and 600 metres (2,000 ft) thick, and lies entirely within the borders of Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park. If you are looking to get some views from above, one option is the Red Tarns Track. Glacier Explorers operates from the start of September to the end of May. You can also see on the app/map that there are some other viewpoints and trails to get you from one place to the next. [11][13], Tasman Glacier has a long history of tourism, with heli skiing tours offered on the upper glacier since the early 1970s. Simply type that into Google Maps and you will be on your way. On this day 30 to 40 million metric tons (33 to 44 million short tons) It contains nearly 1/3 of all glacier ice in New Zealand. Altogether you are looking to take part of both hikes it will take about 2 hours or so to complete depending on how long you will want to relax at the stops along the way. Below is my guide to help you plan your hike. The best way to get around New Zealand in general is by having your own car but if you do not have one, you can walk, bike, or maybe try and hitch a ride from the village. Expect the total round trip to be around 6-8+ hours depending on fitness level and the amount of time you want to spend at various viewpoints and the hut itself. Have fun out there! Rate this attraction Submit. It is the larger glaciers that many smaller glaciers (i.e. Tasman Glacier is located within the Mount Cook National Park and can be seen from a couple treks that start at the end of the Tasman Valley Road. Boats were hit with tsunami waves of up to 3.5 metres (11 ft) as the ice fell into the Tasman Lake under the glacier. Tasman Glacier trail is a short drive from the Mount Cook Village with ample parking available. [15] Similarly, Tasman Glacier's significant ice loss over the past decades has impacted tourism,[16] with an increasing number of crevasses being exposed and not filled in by snow any more, requiring guided tours to avoid these areas, and restricting the heli skiing season to July, August and September. New … Below is a screenshot of the combined path I took on the app. Now the track is full of plenty of stairs as you make the 300 meter ascent. The list includes several different essentials such as: Since there are a few different points of interest on this longer track, throughout the hike you will come by intersections that are signposted pretty nicely. Many people head to just the first of the lakes, not realizing that there are actually two more lakes beyond the initial one. After the summer melt, 7 metres (23 ft) may remain in the high altitude glacier head.[4]. Once at the parking lot, you will have signs throughout the trail pointing you in the right direction. As long as you follow the signs you should have no trouble getting from one spot to the next. We use aircraft to access NZ's two longest ski runs. Book your tickets online for Tasman Glacier, South Island: See 93 reviews, articles, and 237 photos of Tasman Glacier, ranked No.270 on Tripadvisor among 1,510 attractions in South Island. New Zealand's largest glacier, the Tasman Glacier, is shrinking. About 18 miles (29 kilometers) long and up to 2,000 feet (600 meters) thick, Tasman glacier in Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park is New Zealand's largest and longest glacier. Skiing the Tasman Glacier is the classic Kiwi snow adventure, guided by Alpine Guides, Mount Cook's original, and most experienced mountain and ski guiding company. You will also be able to see parts of the Hooker Valley Track that you may have just completed. The Blue Pools Trek ascends above the Tasman Lake to a viewpoint where you have decent views of the glacier in the distance. It contains 1/3 of all the glacier ice in New Zealand! Enable Map. Tasman Glacier is by far New Zealand’s largest glacier too! Yes, ice caves! » Take part of this trail as part of the 14 Day New Zealand South Island Itinerary or 3 Week New Zealand Road Trip. Do you want to stay up to date and receive the latest travel iTINeraries, guides and tips to better plan your next trip around the world? Tributaries in the lower parts are the Rudolf Glacier,[5] Forrest Ross Glacier, Kaufmann Glacier,[6] Haast Glacier, Hochstetter Glacier,[7] and Ball Glacier.[8]. The Terminal Face is the technical term for the cliff-face of ice which marks the end of the Tasman Glacier’s tongue of ice. [18], The Ball Shelter Track, part of the Ball Hut Route, leads along the western side of the glacier, separated from Tasman Lake by a tall moraine wall until about 6 kilometres in, where it climbs high enough for the view to open up. The hike to view the glacier is straight up, mostly on gravel stairs with no handrails. In 1973 Tasman Glacier had no terminal lake and by 2008 Tasman Lake was 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) long, 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) wide, and 245 metres (804 ft) deep. While many may opt to do the hike in two days, it can also be done in one day instead. by CharlesOct 18, 2019Blog, New Zealand, New Zealand Blog. While technically two separate tracks, the two can easily be combined into one longer one. The Tasman Glacier's story goes back 2 million years - to the Pleistocene ice ages. If you do have your own car, take a look at the Driving in New Zealand Guide up on the site. The Tasman Glacier is New Zealand’s largest glacier and flows from the Southern Alps southeast to the Mackenzie Basin. Skiing the Tasman Glacier. Franz Josef Glacier; West Coast Wildlife Centre; Tatare Tunnels Walk; Roberts Point Track; Glacier Hot Pools; The Helicopter Line Franz Josef Glacier; It may be tough to tell, but there is a path that goes along the edge of the first lake and onto the next two. Two million years of history. They are called the Blue Lakes because in the past the lakes were fed by the glacial water. Tasman Glacier View Track Map The Tasman Glacier View track starts at the Tasman Glacier Car park, also known as the Blue Lakes Car Park. Tasman Glacier View is a 0.8 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Mount Cook Village, Canterbury, New Zealand that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The most demanding of hikes in the Mount Cook region is that of the Mueller Hut. Skiers preparing to set off down the Tasman Glacier. This magnificent glacier is the largest of several in the region that flows towards the Mackenzie Basin from the Southern Alps. The hike to Kea Point starts in the same area as the Hooker Valley trail, and is a simple 1 hour round trip walk. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking and is best used from December until May. 3 Tasman is melting so rapidly—at an average rate of 590 feet (180 meters) per year since the 1990s—that a lake formed at the end of the glacier in the late twentieth century. Throughout the hike you will be taking in views of the lakes down below, with Mount Cook out in the distance. Google Coordinates:-43.698012, 170.163101. Instead of just ending the hike after the Blue Lakes and Tasman Glacier View, you can continue on the Tasman Lake Track that brings you to some additional views closer to the lake itself towards the southern end of the lake. Snowfall during Spring and Winter can be up to 12.5m at the top of the glacier. Now while there isn’t much going on per se in the village, it is the most convenient of options if you are looking to take part of the various trails in Mount Cook National Park. The glacier covers an area of 101 square kilometres (39 sq mi) and starts at a height of 3,000 metres (9,800 ft) above sea level. Your email address will not be published. I have highlighted all the key points along the way that you can make the stop at. If you are wondering what to bring along when taking part of hikes in general take a look at the comprehensive Hiking Packing List that I put together. The water in the lakes is rainwater that is turned green by the growing algae. 2) Tasman Glacier, Blue Lakes, & Tasman Lake Map Below is a screenshot of the combined path I took on the app. The track begins with 2000+ stairs (as part of the Sealy Tarns track), before continuing the ascent on steep rocky ground towards the Mueller Hut. There is one good mountain bike permitted trail in Mount Cook National Park, a UNESCO world heritage area. The glacial terminal lake is met by the meltwater of the Murchison Glacier, which approaches from the northeast and flows alongside the Tasman Glacier outside the moraine wall. The Haupapa/Tasman Glacier is the longest glacier in New Zealand, currently 23 kilometres (14.2 miles) long and up to 2 kilometres wide.

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