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After sales have been decreasing for the past 18 months for the Stanley Book Publishing Company, the uncertainty of the company’s future made the employees worry about their jobs. This Smallville episode list takes us through season 8, and doesn't begin to reflect the uncertainty fans face each year wondering if Smallville will return for another season. However, renting does come with some uncertainty. His uncertainty did not last long. Most people chose this as the best definition of uncertainty: Uncertainty is defined as... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. prunening clematis often causes uncertainty, as there are different groups of this popular climber, each with its own requirements. ), and then argues that " within similar limits of uncertainty we may obtain something like a conjectural estimate of the mutual distance of the particles of vapours, and even of the actual magnitude of the elementary atoms of liquids.. How to use uncertainty in a sentence. There is much uncertainty as to the influence of atropine on the secretions of the stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas and kidneys, and it is not possible to make any definite statement, save that in all probability the activities of the nerves innervating the glandcells in these organs are reduced, though they are certainly not arrested, as in the other cases. The difficulties in the way of solving it are very great, and up to the present time the best authorities are not agreed as to the result, the effect of half a century of research having been merely to reduce the uncertainty within continually narrower limits. Feeling uncertain about the future Secondary breast cancer can bring a lot of uncertainty to your life. The uncertainty of home fuel oil prices and the constant fluctuation in pricing makes the general public vulnerable and at the mercy of high oil prices. There is great uncertainty in regard to his life. The gradations which follow are apportioned with some uncertainty amongst the religions of the East. The cost, however - to say nothing of the uncertainty - where large volumes of water are concerned, much exceeds the cost of obtaining initially safe water. The uncertainty with which the results are affected depends chiefly upon the imperfect contact between the bar and the yoke and also between the ends of the divided bar. There is uncertainty as to both the date of the poet's birth and the manner of his death. Times of great change are also times of uncertainty. Strategy 5 Ways to Control Ambiguity and Uncertainty In this fluid world of constant change you either learn to surf instability or let the unsettled nature of the day drive you nuts. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Mill remarks that the uncertainty hanging over the very elements of moral and social philosophy proves that the means of arriving at the truth in those sciences are not yet properly understood. It is better to use a fairly large calorimeter to diminish the rate of cooling and the uncertainty of the correction for the water equivalent. ‘After some uncertainty, Essex Police Authority has now been granted the money.’ ‘Ian Scott's cross caused uncertainty in the United box and Bridge scrambled the ball over the line.’ ‘He said a three-year deal would also allow uncertainty over the upgrade of the East Coast to be cleared up.’ The only element of uncertainty was caused by the retardation of the current, which between Potsdam and Teheran (3000 m.) took 0 8.20 to travel; but it is probable that the final value can be accepted as correct to within os 05. Uncertain definition is - not known beyond doubt : dubious. While online auction websites make the buying and selling of rare and hard to find watches much easier than ever before, it has introduced an element of uncertainty into the process. Uncertainty sampling can be an effective way of reducing the labeled data size of sentence learning. Luckily, reading reviews and studying used car ratings can help take some of the uncertainty out of the used car buying process. Translations of the phrase IN UNCERTAINTY from english to spanish and examples of the use of "IN UNCERTAINTY" in a sentence with their translations: ...period destined to keep you in uncertainty and powerlessness is over. Considerable uncertainty existed as to the atomic weights of these metals, the values obtained by Berzelius being doubtful. Under such powers the webs can be brought into apparent contact with such precision and delicacy that the uncertainty of measurement seems to lie as much in the estimation of the fraction of the division of the head as in the accuracy of the contact. The most important of these, the sun's mean parallax, was at that time subject to considerable uncertainty. Government policy did not take into account the scientific uncertainty about the effects of the chemicals. The extraordinary ambiguity and uncertainty which allegorical interpretation tacitly ascribed to Scripture, and the ease with which heretical as well as orthodox teaching could be represented as " hidden " under the literal sense, was early perceived, but instead of this leading to any real check on even wild subjectivity in interpretation and insistence on reaching the literal sense, it created an ominous principle that maintained much of its influence long after the supremacy of allegorism was overthrown. click for more sentences of uncertainty: 5. A key challenge is how to manage this pervasive uncertainty in a principled fashion and, most importantly, in real-time. The uncertainty list of example sentences with uncertainty. for all his dominions, there was considerable uncertainty as to the exact scope of the allegiance which had been demanded and given. [A good deal of uncertainty long covered the precise character of their relations. The chief uncertainty of this method is the area from which the heat is collected, which probably exceeds that of the central column, owing to the disturbance of the linear flow by the projecting bulb of the calorimeter. This clear stratigraphical evidence is, however, so rarely found that much uncertainty still remains as to the true age of several of the floras now to be described. Such is the uncertainty of the human character. uncertainty in a sentence - Use "uncertainty" in a sentence 1. The Group also occasionally strays outside mathematics and formal methods to game playing (bridge, go), uncertainty and configuration problems. In view of the uncertainty regarding the length of Dynasties IV. The, chief uncertainty in applying this method appears to have arisen from variations of temperature at different parts of the surface, due to inequalities in the heating or cooling effect of the stream of water flowing over the surfaces. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Now it was a gloomy password, signifying injury and uncertainty. 1902) for the specific heat of water between ioo° and 200° C., we find the values of the difference (d4-dh/9) to be less than one-tenth of do at 200° C. The whole correction is therefore probably of the same order as the uncertainty of the variation of the specific heat itself at these temperatures. Where there is some uncertainty about how a partially lacunose word should be restored, the uncertain letters are placed within brackets. With uncertainty, the young girl slowly opened the door since she was home alone and didn’t know who was knocking. 2. The much-debated Corn Laws, after undergoing various modifications, and proving the fruitful source of business uncertainty, social discontent and angry partisanship, were finally abolished in 1846, although the act was not consummated until three years later. Lana watched him approach, the same uncertainty on her features. There is much uncertainty about the early theological history of the sect, but it is probable that Mack and his followers were influenced by both the Greek Catholics and the Waldensians. Examples of uncertainty in a sentence: 1. Rescrubbing on wax of the following rob McCoy a uncertainty principle. Too many causes operated in favour of their depreciation: the enormous issue, the uncertainty as to their value if the Revolution should fail, the relation they bore to both specie and commodities, which retained their value and refused to be exchanged for a money of constantly diminishing purchasing power. uncertainty arises over. 19 examples: Rules must account for each and every condition of uncertainty. We call it common uncertainty. The Values Of The Total Heat Observed By Regnault, As Reduced By Shaw, Also Show A Very Fair Agreement, Considering The Uncertainty Of The Units. Sometimes, corporations provide a short-term respite from the uncertainty and financial struggles of the startup life. A similar uncertainty exists with reference to certain groups of Phaeophyceae, and the matter will thus arise again. 2. Complicating this already emotional situation is the discouragement of treatments that do not work as expected and the uncertainty of finding something that will work. The uncertainty thus arising in the amount of the refraction is least near the zenith, but increases more and more as the horizon is approached. They do not represent the opinions of A Japanese proverb holds that it is precisely the uncertainty of this world that makes life worth living. Holiday seasons and times of uncertainty in our nation and world is when the church pews are packed - but this usually does not indicate a surplus of funds. Examples of condition of uncertainty in a sentence, how to use it. The uncertainty about what was actually here before the artists arrived is also pivotal. uncertainty in the estimation of critical loads: a practical methodology. Another word for uncertainty. 3. His uncertainty did not last long. aleatoric uncertainty is randomness which is usually modeled by probability distributions. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Discussing the theory of capillary attractions, Young' found that at a rough estimate " the extent of the cohesive force must be limited to about the 250-millionth of an inch " (=10 8 cms. After a brief period of uncertainty the young man started West with his brother, who had been appointed lieutenantgovernor of Nevada. Unless otherwise indicated, one may assume that a normal distribution (C.2.14) was used to calculate the quoted uncertainty, and recover the standard uncertainty of x i by dividing the quoted uncertainty by the appropriate factor for the normal distribution. 2. Illegitimate doubt is the uncertainty of the doubter as to whether he has examined the whole of the evidence. But, as complete inactivity would have been synonymous with death, it appears to have been admitted that the sceptic, while retaining his consciousness of the complete uncertainty enveloping every step, might follow custom in the ordinary affairs of life. Since a ruler is not completely accurate, there may be some uncertainty with the measurement so don’t expect an exact amount. At 30° He Considered That, Owing To The Increasing Magnitude And Uncertainty Of The Radiation Correction, There Fig. You may also want to consider gift certificates, which remove the uncertainty of guessing what a person wants. He seemed lost for a second then focused on her once more, the uncertainty fading. But there is much uncertainty as to the mechanism of the process; some authors hold that the soluble chloride is first formed, while others postulate the intervention of a soluble aurate. subdued due to near record unemployment and uncertainty about the future. The exact date of the giving of the royal assent, and the question whether this Book received the assent of Convocation, are historical points of difficulty and uncertainty which cannot be treated at length here. High quality example sentences with “an air of uncertainty” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine … Despite the bishop of Lincoln's case, the law is in some uncertainty. Berthelot, on the other hand, assumed that the heat-capacity of an aqueous solution is equal to that of an equal volume of water, and calculated his results on this assumption, which involves much the same uncertainty as that of Thomsen. When it comes to buying a used car, you have to be comfortable with a bit of uncertainty. Gazing at his adopted brother and recalling everything they'd done to protect humans, Jule had no doubt giving up his life in the immortal world was worth it, despite Xander's uncertainty. "The first split was due to uncertainty regarding the principle which should rule the succession to the Caliphate. Gloom and uncertainty reigned among his friends. The Board of Trade was asked to supply full figures, and while its report was awaited the uncertainty of attitude on the part of the government afforded grateful opportunity for opposition mischief-making, since the Liberal party had now the chance of acting as the conservative champions of orthodox economics. There is great uncertainty as to the exact values of all ancient standards of volume -- the only precise data being those resulting from the theories of volumes derived from the cubes of feet and cubits. 2. You can decrease stress and financial uncertainty by considering the costs involved before conceiving. The king's agents secured the opinion of a number of prominent universities that his marriage was void, and an assembly of notables, which he summoned in June 1530, warned the pope of the dangers involved in leaving the royal succession in uncertainty, since the heir was not only a woman, but, as it seemed to many, of illegitimate birth. A positional uncertainty of 4 indicates sources detected also by the HRI. following the euphoria of Lithuanian independence in 1999 the newly-found freedoms bring opportunity and uncertainty to the realities of everyday life. The uncertainty of sensible data applies equally to the conclusions of reason, and therefore man must be content with probability which is sufficient as a practical guide. 3. The text of Hosea may be in a much worse condition, but a keen scrutiny discloses many an uncertainty, not to say impossibility, in the traditional form of Amos. It seems probable that the Archant was situated in Spain near Vivien's headquarters at Tortosa, and that Guillaume started from Barcelona, not from Orange, to his nephew's help. As to the Edentata, it is still a matter of uncertainty whether the pangolins (Pholidota) and the ant-bears (Tubulidentata) are rightly referred to an order typically represented by the sloths, anteaters, and armadillos of South and Central America, or whether the two first-named groups have any close relationship with one another. It is a wonderful time for many individuals, though the uncertainty of it all can make some people nervous. While she left her ex-husband and the uncertainty at Seattle Grace behind, she seems to have found only more of the same at Oceanside Wellness Center, not being able to settle into any relationship for more than just a short time. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. But … she heard the uncertainty in his voice. That feeling o Many flood runoff generation models are extremely vulnerable to uncertainty in precipitation. use "uncertainty" in a sentence There has been a great deal of political uncertainty in the country since the death of the President. Last week, its investors got an added shot of uncertainty. Now it was a gloomy password, signifying injury and uncertainty. Club directors see such experience as a safe choice in these … Last week, its investors got an added shot of uncertainty. There is considerable uncertainty about the company's future. There has been a great deal of political uncertainty in the country since the death of the President. "I don't know," she said, a familiar tremor of uncertainty fluttering through her. The general drift of many respected books on the subject following the disaster is that our feelings of certainty are largely illusory—we only think certain events won't happen because to date they haven't. Within each class the flower-characters as the essential feature of Angiosperms supply the clue to phylogeny, but the uncertainty regarding the construction of the primitive angiospermous flower gives a fundamental point of divergence in attempts to construct progressive sequences of the families. All deep-sea measurements are subject to uncertainty because the sounding machine merely measures the length of wire which runs out before the lead touches bottom, and this agrees with the depth only when the wire is perpendicular throughout its run. It wasn't her physical appearance; it was the shimmer of uncertainty and worry around her, emotions the deity hadn't been capable of. Nobody, however, has ventured exactly to reconstitute this hypothetical phrase; nor is the theory easy to reconcile with (i.) But uncertainty as to Bulgarian movements and dispositions was not yet cleared up. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel to keep video production going! The "Unionists" were successful in the elections of 1851 and 1852, but the feeling of uncertainty engendered in the south by the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Bill and the course of the slavery agitation after 1852 led the State Democratic convention of 1856 to revive the "Alabama Platform"; and when the "Alabama Platform" failed to secure the formal approval of the Democratic National convention at Charleston, South Carolina, in 1860, the Alabama delegates, followed by those of the other cotton "states," withdrew. uncertainty in this estimate lies in our ignorance of some of the finer details of stellar evolution. These cookies do not store any personal information. Definition of Uncertainty. There are sources of uncertainty in the instrument itself. 287+7 sentence examples: 1. The uncertainty of the wind might well suggest the trickery of a thief, and its whistling might contain the germ from which a god of music should be developed. The next few hours were for me fraught with fearful anxiety and uncertainty, -- yes, _ uncertainty _, -- for (to my shame, let it be recorded) I actually debated in my own mind whether or not to desert these unfortunate boys of mine, who could not themselves escape the threatened danger.. For example, we use the term uncertainty … uncertainty looming over. Ready to order silk wedding flower bouquets take some of the expense and uncertainty out of planning your wedding. The swirling hype, promises of opportunity and mandates for change have created a Maelstrom of uncertainty. WATCH our daily vocabulary videos and LEARN new words in a fun and exciting way! When James Bradley and Samuel Molyneux entered this sphere of astronomical research in 1725, there consequently prevailed much uncertainty as to whether stellar parallaxes had been observed or not; and it was with the intention of definitely answering this question that these astronomers erected a large telescope at the house of the latter at Kew. Cousin made no reply to Hamilton's criticism beyond alleging that Hamilton's doctrine necessarily restricted human knowledge and certainty to psychology and logic, and destroyed metaphysics by introducing nescience and uncertainty into its highest sphere - theodicy. Last week, its investors got an added shot of uncertainty. There is reason, however, to believe that the uncertainty in regard to many of these names will eventually be resolved into reasonable certainty. In the magnetic balance of du Bois (Magnetic Circuit, p. 346) the uncertainty arising from the presence of a joint is avoided, the force measured being that exerted between two pieces of iron separated from each other by a narrow air-gap of known width. There has been a great deal of political uncertainty in the country since the death of the President. Even the position of the Solomon Islands was now in uncertainty, for the Spaniards, fearing lest they should lose the benefits expected to accrue from these discoveries, kept secret the narratives of Mendana and Quiros. are necessarily limited, because the requisite data for strong solutions are comparatively scarce. uncertain example sentences. When the economy is uncertain, there can also be uncertainty in the mortgage market. The Group also occasionally strays outside mathematics and formal methods to game playing (bridge, go ), uncertainty and configuration problems. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. God, how she understood the uncertainty and confusion Traci felt! The formalization is in terms of the conditional entropy of grammatical continuations, given the words that have been … The emissivity really depends on every variety of condition, such as the size, shape and position of the surface, as well as on its nature; it varies with the rate of cooling, as well as with the temperature excess, and it is generally so difficult to calculate, or to treat in any simple manner, that it forms the greatest source of uncertainty in all experimental investigations in which it occurs. Our knowledge on many points, however, is very chaotic; great uncertainty and conflict of evidence circulate around many of the " new elements " which have been announced, so much so that P. T. The excavation of Carchemish, lately suspended owing to political uncertainty in Syria, has been very interesting. Examples of the uncertainty in a sentence: 1. This uncertainty had been brought about by the conflicting opinions of the jurists of the 6th century as to the proper interpretation to be given to the legislation of the emperor Justinian, from which had resulted a system of teaching which had deprived that legislation of all authority, and the imperial judges at last were at a loss to know by what rules of law they were to regulate their decisions. Regnault's formula for the total heat is here again seen to be inadmissible, as it would make the latent heat of steam vanish at about 870° C. instead of at 365° C. It should be observed, however, that the assumptions made in deducing the above formulae apply only for moderate pressures, and that the formulae cannot be employed up to the critical point owing to the uncertainty of the variation of the specific heats and the cooling effect Q at high pressures beyond the experimental range. 3. Those who are highly reactive to stimulation tend to become inhibited in their reactions to novelty and uncertainty at later ages. 1 It may be added that the double system of accentuation ofthe Decalogue in the Hebrew Bible seems to preserve traces of the ancient uncertainty concerning the numeration. It is uncertain why the author decides to provide birth and death years for kings, instead of the commonly-used regnal years. Uncertainty in regard to the value of the peso led the compiler to omit the equivalents in U.S. gold, but according to foreign trade returns these totals represent gold values, which at 4s. The uncertainty associated with the weights must be less than the resolution of the machine. How to use uncertainty in a sentence. development of theory has advanced poi passe with the demand for bridges of greater strength and span and of more complex design, and there is now little uncertainty in calculating the stresses in any of the types of structure now adopted. A Japanese proverb holds that it is precisely the uncertainty of this world that makes life worth living. the uncertainty of canonists at the time when the locution was quite recent, (ii.) By the introduction of hinges the position of the line of resistance can be fixed and the stress in the arch ring determined with less uncertainty. How to use uncertain in a sentence. The account of the disaster was modified by successive trouveres, and the uncertainty of their methods may be judged by the fact that in the ChanQun de Willame two consecutive accounts (I I. Glanvill's first work (a passage in which suggested the theme of Matthew Arnold's Scholar Gipsy), The Vanity of Dogmatizing, or Confidence in Opinions, manifested in a Discourse of the shortness and uncertainty of our Knowledge, and its Causes, with Reflexions on Peripateticism, and an Apology for Philosophy (1661), is interesting as showing one special direction in which the new method of the Cartesian philosophy might be developed. The intervention is not a place for debate or uncertainty. The setting up of further investigation is likely to prolong the uncertainty surrounding Equitable. I truly believe that a company that will be successful throughout this transition of economic uncertainty will have planned for this as we have. How to use uncertain in a sentence. The lines of text below use uncertainty in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for uncertainty. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Considering the uncertainty of the use of such products, organic products may offer a safer alternative. uncertainty associated with the weights must be less than the resolution of the machine. It is clear that these results may give a simple key to some puzzling anomalies, and on the other hand, they may throw a measure of uncertainty over absolute determinations of line-of-sight velocities. There was an interval of uncertainty, with at any rate titular bishops, till 1592. 2. She was watching him, fear and uncertainty on her features. Uncertainty of diagnosis (ie more investigations required Eg barium studies, sigmoidoscopy, etc ). Old assumptions have to be discarded and new, often very difficult, realities need to be accepted, including the uncertainty of the A-T outcome. 499, and elsewhere) and in Hesiod (Works and Days, 338), there is some uncertainty whether they were incense offerings at all, and if so, whether they were ever offered alone, and not always in conjunction with animal sacrifices. Uncertainty definition is - the quality or state of being uncertain : doubt. 3. The period of uncertainty was prolonged under his successors, General Pierre Berthezene (February to December 1831); A. The measurement uncertainty samples were analyzed in eight separate batches over a period of three weeks. The tragedy of 9/11 focused everyone's attention on uncertainty, among other things. Her uncertainty makes her hesitant to act. Use "uncertainty" in a sentence. BASILICA, a code of law, drawn up in the Greek language, with a view to putting an end to the uncertainty which prevailed throughout the East Roman empire in the 9th century as to the authorized sources of law. In this branch too of the law there existed some, though a less formidable, uncertainty; for there were constitutions which practically, if not formally, repealed or superseded others without expressly mentioning them, so that a man who relied on one constitution might find that it had been varied or abrogated by another he had never heard of or on whose sense he had not put such a construction. - First… Greater uncertainty exists over indicates the intention of the consumer to cancel the contract. Now it was a gloomy password, signifying injury and uncertainty. But what may seem to a Napoleon the best course is not necessarily the one that suggests itself to a mediocre mind, and the greater the gulf which separates the two minds the greater the uncertainty which must prevail on the side of the abler commander. 🔉. Serious financial instability could ensue as a result of uncertainty over the role of the ECB versus individual national central banks. We are investigating the determination of the uncertainty of the proton parton density functions. 2. Everyone struggles with self-doubt and uncertainty at some point in his or her life. In fact, he seemed lost in a sea of uncertainty. Since thermochemical measurements of this type may be frequently performed with an error due to other causes of much less than i per cent., the error introduced by either of these assumptions is the chief cause of uncertainty in the method. It is necessary to say "probably," because the strange uncertainty which rests on so much of his life and writings exists here also. This is an option Carnival allows passengers to choose if they are flexible about their stateroom and don't mind a bit of uncertainty in their travel plans. Similarly in the case of the sign MU, which, besides signifying " name " as above pointed out, is also the Sumerian word for " give," and therefore may be read iddin, " he gave," from nadanu, or may be read nadin, " giver "; and when, as actually happens, a name occurs in which the first element is the name of a deity followed by MU-MU, a new element of doubt is introduced through the uncertainty whether the first MU is to be taken as a form of the verb nadanu and the second as the noun shumu, " name," or vice versa. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. The shortness and uncertainty of life are strong reasons for seeking pardon and salvation now. He had an air of uncertainty about him. The end of the First World War heralded an eralded an era of uncertainty for the people of Govan. Find more ways to say uncertainty, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. To eliminate this source of uncertainty these metals were employed as compressed powders. It's difficult to see cone of uncertainty in a sentence . Because of the uncertainty of when conception actually occurs, it's next to impossible to conclusively know when a woman conceived. N = 100, uncertainty of extremists: u e = 0.01, p e = 0.15, U = 1.2. Going ahead with the wedding and denying your feelings of uncertainty will likely result in a newly married woman who might have great difficulty acting as partner to her husband. Uncertainty in Predictions of the Climate Response to Rising Levels of Greenhouse Gases . Since a ruler is not completely accurate, there may be some uncertainty with the measurement so don’t expect … As regards the jus vetus, therefore, the judges and practitioners of Justinian's time had two terrible difficulties to contend with - first, the bulk of the law, which made it impossible for any one to be sure that he possessed anything like the whole of the authorities bearing on the point in question, so that he was always liable to find his opponent quoting against him some authority for which he could not be prepared; and, secondly, the uncertainty of the law, there being a great many important points on which differing opinions of equal legal validity might be cited, so that the practising counsel could not advise, nor the judge decide, with any confidence that he was right, or that a superior court would uphold his view. When carefully nicked they are well-adapted for weighing out definite quantities of goods, such as i lb, 2 lb, &c., as in such cases there is no question of estimation. It is a matter of uncertainty what part, if any, Wycliffe himself took in the work. bravado in the face of fear and uncertainty? Main reasons seem to be persistent low profitability among farmers and their uncertainty about the future. Uncertainty in a sentence and paraphrased in a sentence. C. Kapteyn's inquiry in i 901; so that the range of uncertainty as to its position continues unsatisfactorily wide. 3. 20 examples: Since there is great uncertainty, it is difficult to say how realistic this… Added to this, low self-esteem or uncertainty about oneself can undermine self-confidence. The costume of the order is of white satin embroidered in silk, with a purple velvet cloak adorned with roses and gold embroidery, but it is now never worn; in the collar the motto Fert is inserted, on the meaning of which there is great uncertainty,' and from it hangs a pendant enclosing a medallion representing the Annunciation (see Plate IV. The cantilever and suspended girder types are as economical and free from uncertainty as to ' ? uncertainty in predictions of the Climate Response to Rising Levels of Greenhouse Gases " . Corresponding Author. Research in the software industry on the Cone of Uncertainty stated that in the beginning of the project life cycle ( i . About him, however, there is considerable uncertainty. Steelyards are simple, trustworthy and durable, but unless special contrivances are introduced for ascertaining the position of the travelling poise with very great accuracy, there will be a little uncertainty as to the reading, and therefore steelyards are not in general so accurate as scale-beams. Daniel Wolpert: Probabilistic mechanisms in sensorimotor control Sensory and motor uncertainty form fundamental constraints on human sensorimotor control. 80) leaves the matter in the same uncertainty. As he was being led up to some object he noticed a hesitation and uncertainty among his conductors. In areas of uncertainty, we form our opinions on the basis of assumptions in other parts of our life. He looked at me in uncertainty. 2. 287+7 sentence examples: 1. Examples of feeling of uncertainty in a sentence, how to use it. A new committee sat in 1863, and in its report again remarked in no measured terms upon the many and wide differences that still existed in the gaols of Great Britain as regards construction, diet, labour and general discipline, "leading to an inequality, uncertainty and inefficiency of punishment productive of the most prejudicial results.". The evaluation of the output noise temperature and the uncertainty assessment are discussed in detail. In the majority of instances, however, the estimates of undeveloped ore contain a large element of uncertainty. The special function of this organ has been a source of controversy during the past few years, and much uncertainty still exists as to its true nature. An equal uncertainty reigns with regard to the actual usage of the Church of England from the Reformation onwards. The upshot, however, admits of no, uncertainty: the class A y es is held to be composed of three " Orders" - I. In Egypt the uncertainty and laxity of usage was still greater. The plans were cancelled because of uncertainty of if they would work. To address this problem, in this paper, we propose the adversarial uncertainty sampling in discrete space for active sentence learning. And, verily, whosoever has this trust, for him there is no uncertainty.". 4. uncertainty of extremists: u e = 0.01, p e = 0.15, U = 1.2. uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics implies that vacuum fluctuations are present in every quantum theory. uncertainty in a sentence. 2. Jonny looked up, uncertainty crossing his face. Hudson's village sites in Patagonia contain pottery, and that brings them all into the territory of Indian archaeology. Uncertainty; 1. The uncertainty troubled her. A doubt also still exists in regard to a number of names of the older period because of the uncertainty whether their bearers were Sumerians or Semites. Law, 6 5, 73.) The impulse to migrate, that is to say, the calling forth of specific activities by climatal or other presentations, appears to be instin tive; whether the direction of migration is in like manner instinctive is a matter of uncertainty; and, if it be instinctive, the nature of the stimuli and the manner in which they are hereditarily linked with responsive acts is unexplained. Thus there seems to be a measure of uncertainty as to what the Church of Rome now calls " dogma " - only in part relieved by 1 Three writers mentioned in Wetzer's and Welte's Kirchenlexikon. The selection stage should give the user as much help as possible in resolving this uncertainty. uncertainty lies over. click for more sentences of uncertainty: 5. Before considering observational data, it is expedient to mention various sources of uncertainty. - He admits… The chief uncertainty is as to whether he knew Justin's Syntagma, and also as to whether he had access to the Philosophumena of Hippolytus in their complete form. However the beam thickness, which is of several microns, is difficult to measure with sufficient uncertainty. However, buying a used car also means you're dealing with a little uncertainty. Lists. Disputes between neighbouring chiefs and their clients, and uncertainty as to the law, brought about the Constitution of Ulfliot (c. 930), which appointed a central moot for the whole island, the Althing, and a speaker to speak a single " law " (principally that followed by the Gula-moot in Norway); the Reforms of Thord Gellir (964), settling a fixed number of moots and chieftaincies, dividing the island into four quarters (thus characterized by Ari: north, thickest settled, most famous; east, first completely settled; south, best land and greatest chiefs; west, remarkable for noble families), to each of which a head-court, the " quarter-court," was assigned; and the Innovations of Skapti (ascribed in the saga to Nial) the Law- Speaker (d. Instead it will bog them down in a quagmire of scientific uncertainty and public questioning. The subject is still replete with ambiguity and uncertainty. There was, however, Iorship of no change in the principles of government or avowed Count von change in policy; some uncertainty of direction and Caprivi. The uncertainty is also likely to prove a disincentive for overseas investors who have played a major role in developing Wales ' manufacturing base. Examples of uncertainty in a sentence: 1. Uncertainty as to his future led him to accept an invitation from the king of France to Paris, where he was naturalized and was appointed director of optics for the marine, an office instituted for him, with a pension of 8000 livres. lower rank, the Jews were expelled from states and principalities and were reduced to a condition of precarious uncertainty as to what the morrow might bring forth. Find more ways to say uncertainty, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the … 3. Even the most fluent speakers and writers would probably confess to an occasional uncertainty as to the most appropriate preposition. Now it was a gloomy password, signifying injury and uncertainty. Sentence with the word uncertainty. Partly in consequence of the uncertainty as to the age of these and other rocks, there is considerable difference of opinion as to the structure of the Western Alps. trace the evolution of urban society from the expansion of the twelfth century to the uncertainty of the fifteenth. The fourth issue also appears to remain largely unanswered or at least answered only with a degree of uncertainty. $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["45ba4f61-76ac-4b3d-94d4-c9019d2ebe3c"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["418b1e7b-a189-47b4-952a-43e52a926ad5"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["9b588b9a-598a-47f4-bc83-ba2fd303e5df"]); }). Fear and uncertainty crossed her features. are necessarily limited, because the requisite data for strong solutions are comparatively scarce. Then there are all the fans in between who enjoy being titillated by what may happen while maintaining a small measure of uncertainty. Is it US consumers tightening belts or uncertainty over Iran and possible UN resolutions causing markets to get jittery? (On general questions see Phillimore, Ecc. This uncertainty in the wheat crop extends to the southern limits of the higher plateau, and is a serious obstacle to the increased production of this cereal. uncertainty is over. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. SYNONYMY NOTE: uncertainty ranges in implication from a mere lack of absolute sureness [uncertainty about a date of birth] to such vagueness as to preclude anything more than guesswork [the uncertainty of the future]; doubt implies such a lack of conviction, as through absence of sufficient evidence, that …

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