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Within each microclimate, the weather is fairly similar all year round, although there are vague wet and dry seasons. However, due to topological differences, the climate variation is characterised more by regions than by seasons. Average annual rainfall in most parts of Colombia is about 80 inches. Also, the farther up the mountain you go, the greater the difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures. The mean range of temperature there is between 10 and 19°C (50 and 66.2°F). Pants and blue jeans are the norm in Medellin. Colombia is situated in South America, bordered by the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific Ocean and Panama on the North, Ecuador and Peru on the South, and Venezuela and Brazil on the east. Colombia is home to the Andes, the world’s longest above-water mountain range. December to March is the dry season with sunny days and warm weather which is the best time to visit Colombia for exploring the cities and beaches. Based on weather reports collected during 1985–2015. The average temperature rarely falls below 10 celsius or climbs higher than 20 or so. For more information about weather in Bogota and things to do there, check out our Bogotá guide. So you could be enjoying blazing sunshine during the day before you have to wrap up in several layers to survive the night. Showing: All Year January February March April May June July … Colombia Weather Unlike other South American countries, Colombia doesn’t have disparate geographic zones whose temperature varies from season to season. Generally, Colombia’s weather requires light clothing suitable for warm to hot weather. Expect heavy downpours in the afternoons. It covers all aspects, from cities to airports, cruise ports to ski and beach resorts, attractions to events, and it also includes weekly travel news, features and quizzes. Colombia sits within the tropical climate zone, bridging the equator, which usually means uniform weather conditions. Plan your travel to Colombia. This position provides it with two main seasons of dry and rainy. What is the weather, climate and geography like in Colombia However, the locals (paisas) do not wear shorts as often as people do in other countries. It is a port city known for rich history and beautiful beaches. No wonder that Colombia is called “Country of eternal spring”. January, the same as December, in Santa Marta, Colombia, is a hot winter month, with temperature in the range of an average high of 33°C (91.4°F) and an average low of 21.7°C (71.1°F).The ideal sea water temperature of 26.7°C (80.1°F) and only 1 rainfall days, with 6.9mm (0.3") of accumulated rainfall, make January the best time for swimming and other water activities. The Atlantic (or Caribbean) coast of Colombia is hot and humid most of the year. Furthermore, the higher up you are, the more you will notice a marked difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures. brings you the most accurate monthly weather forecast for with average/record and high/low temperatures, precipitation and more. The rainy seasons tend to be between April and May, and October and November. Buenaventura , in the middle of the Pacific Coast, receives annual rainfall over 7,000 mm (700 cm). It is Pico Cristobal Colon in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta range and has an estimated height of 5,775 metres (18,950 ft). But it is a topographically diverse country, home to a section of the Andes Mountains; it has two coasts, one on the Caribbean and one on the Pacific; and it is very large. However, here is a general guide to the climate in some of Colombia’s most visited regions: Weather in Bogotá is fairly similar all year round. Located in southern Colombia, the Amazon basin generally stays warm all year round and finds little relief from rain. Areas such as Medellín boast weather that many consider to be perfect, and as such the city is labelled the ‘City of Eternal Spring’. Santa Semana, Holy Week in April, is a stunning time to travel to Colombia. This area is known as being temperate, with temperatures ranging between 17 and 25 degrees most of the year. Daytime highs here average in the mid-70s F to low-80s F with very little humidity. Rainfall is fairly constant at this altitude. Day time highs average in the mid to upper 60's. However, there are different regions that are better visited in certain months, as well as periods when it is distinctly cheaper to travel throughout the country. Instead, its regional climate varies in accordance with altitude, with temperatures remaining more or less constant throughout the year owing to the country’s proximity to the equator. Even within the mountain areas there are variations in temperature depending on the altitude. Major religious holidays will also impact the best time of year to visit. Medellín is known as “La Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera”, the city of eternal spring.The city has a comfortable climate that is consistent year-round due to being located at a high elevation of about 4,900 feet and also being near the equator. Breathable walking sandals with good support are recommended for more rural areas. The temperature in all areas of Colombia typically ranges between 50°F and 80°F throughout the year. Medellín, Colombia’s second largest city, sits at 5,000 feet above sea lev… There are days when the strong sun can raise the temperature more but be prepared for fairly mild nights. Average annual humidity is around 70%. Colombia is divided into three different climatic zones based on elevation. Bogotá is cool to cold at night. But, hotels book up fast for this week and double their rates, so it is smart to plan in advance. However, if you are staying in a city in the Andes such as Bogotá, long shirts and pants are recommended – preferably a jacket as well. The weather in Colombia is not something that is easy to generalise about. The wettest month is October with an average of 110mm of rain. The average high temperature throughout the year hovers around 20°C (68°F). As you might expect, the weather on Colombia’s Caribbean coast is much hotter and more humid. A lot. BBC Weather in association with MeteoGroup. Although sunny days can still get quite hot, there are many cool days and nights. Located in Northern Colombia on the Caribbean coast, Cartagena is another popular spot for tourists. . Colombia’s weather offers all four seasons and they remain generally unchanged throughout the year due to Colombia’s proximity to the equator. Bogota, Colombia: Annual Weather Averages March is the hottest month in Bogota with an average temperature of 14.5°C (58°F) and the coldest is December at 12°C (54°F) . Available in English, German and Spanish versions, the WTG provides detailed and accurate travel content designed to inspire global travellers. The average temperature in Bogotá is: 45 to 67 Fahrenheit Temperatures in Bogotá are consistent with minimal variation. Colombia - Colombia - Climate: Because of the country’s close proximity to the Equator, its climate is generally tropical and isothermal (without any real change of seasons). Temperatures throughout the year are in the high 20s and this region is also extremely humid. Updated every day by a dedicated global editorial team, the portal logs 1 million+ unique users monthly. Today’s and tonight’s Bogotá, Colombia weather forecast, weather conditions and Doppler radar from The Weather Channel and This tends to be year round, although January to May is when you will find the most rain. You can learn more about Cartagena here. Its rainy season is June – July; however, tourism doesn’t seem to drop off at those times of year. Although the seasons are unchanging, the best time of year to visit Colombia is December to March. Colombia is located on the northern part of South America. Annual Weather Averages in Cartagena Based on weather reports collected during 1985–2015. No matter where you are staying, a waterproof jacket is smart to bring for any time of year. The Tierra Templada, meaning temperate land, ranges between 900 to 1,980 meters (6,496 ft) in elevation and is home to most of the country’s population. The climates in Colombia are characterized for having tropical rainforests, savannas, steppes, deserts and mountain climate, mountain climate further divided into tierra caliente (hot land) tierra templada (temperate land) tierra fría (cold land), tierra helada (frozen land) and Páramo. Medellin weather is famous for being springlike year around. The area located between 1,980 and 3,500 meters (11,483 ft) is called The Tierra Fria, meaning cold land. Weather in Colombia - Being such an expansive and topographically diverse country means there’s no definite "best time" for motorcycle touring in Colombia. Colombia is a wonderful country present near the Equator. Moving eastward the climate becomes drier, in the extreme north-eastern tip of Colombia, in the Guajira peninsula, the climate is that of the dry savannah, with rains during the months of April and October-November, while for the rest of the year the climate is dry, the average an… The upside is that as long as you’re not set on visiting one specific region of the country, you could visit at ANY time of year. The Pacific Coast: The Pacific coast in the northwest of Colombia also has a hot, tropical climate, but rainfall is higher, and year-round. In fact, this is one of the wettest places in the world. These are the drier months and allow tourists to enjoy more outdoor activities. Weather conditions don’t vary in big scales during whole year. Sometimes, these changes can be experienced within a mere one or two hours of each other. If you are visiting the Amazon, light clothing is required, but long sleeves and trousers for the evenings are useful to prevent mosquito bites. This region spreads over about 86% of the total area of Colombia. Click here for a guide to Cartagena weather. Here are some average weather facts we collected from our historical climate data: On average, the temperatures are always high. The Eastern Cordillera, the longest range, rises northeast from Ecuador to Venezuela. The climate in Armenia is warm and overcast. With the three ranges of the Andes mountains running through the country, a large portion of the more populated cities and towns lie in mountainous terrain. The Tierra Caliente, meaning hot land, is the region below 900 meters (2,953 ft) in elevation. So it rains. Average Weather in Armenia Colombia. using Weatherbase's weather averages and normals. The average annual rainfall stand around 2,000 / 2,500 mm, with average temperatures around 25°C. This is the rainforest. The discrepancies in altitude, proximity to the coast and other factors all contribute to the fact that the mean temperature will vary drastically depending on where you are. If you are planning to hike in the colder mountainous regions you’ll need durable boots. The topographical diversity of Colombia means that you will find snowy mountain peaks, warm Caribbean beaches and a rainy tropical rainforest at any time of year. Medellín, Colombia’s second largest city, sits at 5,000 feet above sea level and is considered to have perfect spring-like weather all year round. T-shirts and long sleeve button ups are also popular here as people tend to be less formal in their dress. The World Travel Guide (WTG) is the flagship digital consumer brand within the Columbus Travel Media portfolio. The climate in Santa Marta is known as a local steppe climate. Weather in Colombia: all climates, all year round The secret behind the climate in Colombia lies in its geography. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 62°F to 79°F and is rarely below 60°F or above 83°F.. Based on the tourism score, the best times of year to visit Armenia for warm-weather activities are from early June to early September and from late December to mid January. The temperatures in Colombia only vary an average of 3 to 5 degrees year round. On the one hand, it is equatorial, so there is very little variation throughout the year. Temperatures hover around 30C although December and January can be a little cooler. 10 Medellin, Colombia. The combined area of the flat grassy prairies in eastern Colombia and the jungles and towering rainforests of the Amazon in the south covers nearly 55% of Colombia, yet only 3% of Colombians live there. I want emails from Lonely Planet with travel and product information, promotions, advertisements, third-party offers, and surveys. At sea level, Colombia is very hot, but once you climb a bit in altitude, the temperature quickly becomes a comfortable. When to go and weather in Colombia. A comprehensive guide to the world’s best travel destinations, its print heritage stretches back more than 30 years, with the online portal reaching its 20-year anniversary in 2019. Temperature: 64.4 to 82.4 degree Fahrenheit. There is significantly less rain than in the capital, but September and October are traditionally the wet seasons. The driest months are generally December, January, July and August, while the wet seasons tend to run from April to May and September to November. Along the Caribbean coast in the north of the country the climate is hot and tropical with a rainy season between May and November. Colombia has the distinctive benefit of being a genuine year-round destination – although there are wet and dry seasons throughout the year, the weather is never extreme enough to prohibit travel. There is not much rain and temperatures stay high throughout the year. Sometimes the weather of Colombia is altered by the seasons in northern hemisphere, for example, from March to June, the weather is mild Spring, from June to August the weather is hot Summer, From September to December the weather is … Weather is more dependent on location and altitude than on time of the year. Bogota, the largest city and capital, is situated in the Eastern Andes region and the weather is generally spring-like. The Western and Central Cordilleras of the Andes Mountains are in the west of Colombia – stretching from Ecuador to the Caribbean Sea. For starters, the country is surrounded by three huge mountains, which split it into five natural regions: Andes, Pacific, Caribbean, Amazon and the Llanos (plains) . This makes the Colombian climate extremely unique and attracts an increasing number of visitors annually. Dry and wet seasons also vary according to region, making Colombia’s climate a tricky one to pin down. © Columbus Travel Media Ltd. All rights reserved 2020, Due to the impact of COVID-19, you are recommended to check travel restrictions from your government sources and contact local venues to verify any new rules. The only genuinely variable climatic element is the amount of annual precipitation. Showing: All Year January February March April May June July August September October November December All Year Climate & Weather … The average temperature in places such as Cartagena, Baranquilla and Santa Marta is between 24 and 33 degrees. With average, year-round temperatures from 27 – 35 degrees, and high levels of humidity, the afternoon breeze is welcome! Colombia Weather - Weather in Colombia & seasons in Colombia With temperatures rarely dropping below 30°C (86°F), Cartagena’s climate is perfect for those looking for a warmer, relaxing vacation. The Amazon region is a place where tourists go to explore the jungle and marvel at the unique species of plants and animals. Effective November 4, 2020, the government of Colombia has removed the PCR testing requirement for entry into the country.Previously, all arrivals (both foreigners and nationals returning home) were required to show proof of a negative PCR test, taken no longer than 96 hours prior to arrival into Colombia. Colombia is located near the equator so it does not have extreme variations in temperature, although there is a wet and dry season. Here the list of 10 cities with the best weather year round. The climate changes with the altitude, hotter at sea level and cooler at higher elevations, with some peaks bearing snow year round. Colombia removes PCR testing requirement for entry into the country. The Pacific Coast Weather and climate is one of the many benefits of living in Medellín. Current and forecast weather conditions for Colombia including seasonal information for travelers There are ostentatious celebrations and candle-lit mass services to celebrate the Catholic faith. It has no distinct seasons. The tallest peak in Colombia is actually not in the Andes but found in a separate mountain range. All times are -05 (America/Bogota, GMT -0500) unless otherwise stated. On the other hand, however, there is such a variety in landscapes and terrains that the country is home to a startling array of climates, from dry, hot desert to humid jungle and freezing mountainous regions. Temperatures vary little throughout the year. Medellin city is situated in the green mountain region of the Aura at an altitude of 4905 ft. Medellin city is known as ‘City of eternal spring.’ The best time of year to visit Santa Marta in Colombia. These factors combine to create many microclimates and great regional climatic variation.

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