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Fallout 76 Yao Guai is an Enemy in the game. If you open your map, you will find a circle showing you the location of one. It's best to battle the Yao Guai with a few people with you to take it down within the deadline. variants Yao guai will attack nearly any other animals or people they encounter, including deathclaws. The mutation has greatly extended their lifesp… Beckwith Farm: Just south of Top of the World and west of Fred’s BBQ Shack and Site Alpha you’ll … Yao guai It will spawn in the middle of the camp, right next to the overlook. Fallout 76 — FAQ/Walkthrough ... Rose will want you to test the gun on a Yao Guai. A glowing green yao guai, with boney spikes poking out at various spots on the creature's body. They will pursue a player character into an open sided shed but not into a shed or building with a doorway, even if the doorway is open. Added on 24 July 2019 2:38PM. I had heard that you need to be twice the level of the tame, but yesterday I found a diseased level 76 yao guai. However, with the release of Fallout 4: Wasteland Workshop, meat is very important. Only when you think you can gun it down a charging bear is when you get your ass kicked. Tenpenny Tower terminal entries; exploration database, yao guai,, Two can always be found down the railway from, Can sometimes be found at the garden area of. So, where do Yao Guai spawn in Fallout 76? in Fallout 76,Resource Guides. Total views. The physical build of the Appalachian variant does not seem to drastically deviate from pre-War bears as much as the yao guai in the Capital Wasteland and Zion Canyon. For effective farming of any creature you need to find spots where … We’ve got a list of all the Fallout 76 Yao Guai locations we could track down. Once everything's prepared, the next step is to find a Yao … Test the gun out. More images View more from uploader. Then again, maybe you do want to hunt one of these terrible, mutated, and occasionally glowing bears? Flatwoods Church Flatwoods Church - Fallout 76. The strongest variant, with the best resistances, damage and health. A charred, fleshy yao guai infected with the Scorched Plague. Affiliate Disclosure: Evolve Media LLC, and its owned and operated websites may receive a small commission from the proceeds of any product(s) sold through affiliate and direct partner links. Despite this, yao guai exhibit a gentle, familial bond toward one another when found together and can even be domesticated.[5]. This article or its infobox is missing an image. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Yao guai appear in Fallout 76. ... How to Train Your Yao Guai. Fallout 76. close. Why a ferocious mutated and sometimes radioactive bear would be carrying screws around is another matter entirely, and frankly, we don’t really want to know…, Welcome to the new GameRevolution community platform. 677. I was able to hide from that one, too. Farming Yao Guai for acid is not for the faint of heart. Here you will come for First Contact Quest. location creature Aggressive: Will attack enemies on sight. Bring a Team to Fight the Yao Guai Even though it is stunted, the Yao Guai you'll fight will still have a ton of health and can take you down in a few swipes. Paladin Leila Rahmani and her troops have arrived from California to establish a new Appalachian chapter. Ella Ames’ Bunker is to the north while Crevasse Dam is to the east. I think I’m still traumatized from deathclaws in Fallout 3 so I stayed hidden. Fallout 76 creature Stunted yao guaiYao guaiYao guai ghoulShaggy yao guaiIrradiated yao guaiAlbino yao guaiRabid yao guaiDusky yao guaiGlowing yao guaiSavage yao guaiFrenzied yao guaiDeadly yao guaiScorched yao guaiPrime yao guai Honestly, yao guai are easy when you see them coming. Assaultrons are first and Mirelurk Kings are second. Easily Kill The Yao Guai With Powerful Weapons They are able to reproduce, as evidenced by the presence of cubs and some have extended lifespans, such as the pre-War circus bear, Ruzka. Yao Guai Meat Listed here is detail information for item Yao Guai Meat showing its effects, rads, disease chance, water, weight and cap value. In Chinese mythology, "yao guai" are usually physical manifestations of the spirits of mistreated animals or fallen divine animals. You might want to know all the Fallout 76 Yao Guai locations so you can avoid them. Players may use the item to regenerate health or obtain other benefits as listed below. Just whittle it down and then finish it off from the nearby roof so it can't maul you :) If so, you’ll want to know where to go to actually find them, since West Virginia is a big place. The second is located just on the other side of the busted bridge on the left. They are used quite heavily in the crafting of various weapons, armors, and power armors, and are often needed while trying to make Modifications for said items. Shoot a Yao Guai with a Karma Syringe. Holotape H11 Holotape: Overseer's Log - Flatwoods - inside Overseer's Cache in Flatwoods Church. The most important seems to be Yao Guai meat, as this is used to attract and catch a Deathclaw. Background. Diagnostic terminal. Next, a yao guai. Sunday, December 9, 2018. - Dolly Sods wilderness (one by the entrance, the other nearby Dolly Sods campground). Yao guai ghoul is a creature in Fallout 76. We've recently moved from Disqus to Spot.IM. There's a yao guai in the Phillipi Battlefield Graveyard (north part of the map) that never spawned over lvl 26 for my lvl 160 character and respawns on server hop. Once you exit Vault 76 in the Reclamation Day Quest, there's no going back so make sure to loot all that you can before going out to the wastelands. These are spawnlocations in Fallout76 where Yao Guai are a guarantee spawn, of course getting all thespring you need can take a lot of time farming there are also a list of junkitems that contain loose springs in. Set up camp near Toxic Larry's Meat N Go. 1 Background 2 Characteristics 2.1 Drops 3 Locations 4 References Named by descendants of those held in Chinese internment camps before the Great War,1 yao guai are mutated black bears2 and one … Comparatively, they are overall less dog-like in their posture and movement and sport thicker patches of fur and more body fat. We’ve got a list of the most likely spawn points below. Killing these Yao Guai and grabbing thesejunk items to scrap is a easy Fallout 76 Loose Spring Farm guide with time of course. These yao guai are generally larger than their unmutated predecessors and are more aggressive. You can easily play it smart and side step them constantly. Image information. I was able to avoid him, though. Check Out the Reclamation Day Quest Quest KIll the Yao Guai … Once the Yao Guai has been shot, it … When the player character enters the building, they will retreat to the edge of the area; when they detect the player character exiting the building, they will again pursue. Yao guai are creatures found in Appalachia in 2102. Yao Guai Meat is a consumable item from the game world of Fallout 76. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Work with or against the other Factions to achieve success. A standard yao guai that has become a ghoul. He posted the following screenshot on the game's official forums as irrefutable proof. Trader Volunteer Bot Trader. Wild yao guai will attack nearly any other animals or people they encounter, including deathclaws. A yao guai with more hair on its body than most other variants. [4], Yao guai are large, mutated ursines that are descended from the bears that lived across America before the Great War. Guaranteed Yao Guai Locations. A prime variant, encountered during the seasonal Primal Cuts event quest. You can help. Some food items can be planted in player settlements to increase the settlement's food supply. The base variant, with the attributes mentioned above. They have a powerful melee attack, and their strikes frequently stun the player character for a few seconds. Since their upper body, chest and arms are not as massive, the Appalachian yao guai have a more traditional bear-like posture and gait. Out of the handful of times, I ran this location. They are sensitive to explosives and flamers. monitoring_string = "9825918b2b361fb0e003f4935ce18ae6", PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake. Yao Guai have a number of items that make the hunt worthwhile. ... You can find a Yao Guai at a campsite north of the Monangah Power Plant. Once the Karma drugs wear off the Yao Guai will become incredibly weak, and you can finally take it down. There are Ghouls, Deathclaws, and other familiar nasties, but the ones you really don’t want to run across in the dark are the Yao Guai. It will spawn in the middle of the camp, right next to the overlook. 4. Named by descendants of those held in Chinese internment camps before the Great War, yao guai are mutated American black bears[1][2][3] and one of the more vicious creatures of the wasteland, sporting razor sharp claws and teeth, and a nasty temperament. A Fallout 76 player has found a way to tame the mutated Yao Guai black bears in the game and use them as NPC guards for his camp. Please help, This section is needed but has not been written yet. Overseer's Cache. One of the strongest variants. Foolhardy: Will never flee or avoid anyone. Dolly Sods Wilderness. Fallout 76 Yao Guai is an animal found in West Virginia. videogame_asset My games. He pointed me to where I can find Radstags. Steel Dawn is the first chapter in the new Brotherhood of Steel questline, free for Fallout 76 players. Even experts who have sunk countless hours into Fallout 76 have trouble with these mutated creatures. Endorsements. … Lower lvl makes it easier and there is a nearby roof you can jump onto that the bear cannot reach. Just make sure you come well armed, well healed, and ready to run. Fallout 76 – So Many Things! Fallout 76: Yao Guai Hide. Next is up: Fallout 76 Making Explosive Bait Quest. If found alone in a random encounter, the player character can send the tamed beast to their C.A.M.P. As a perceptive hunter (PE 5) I also learned where to find some Yao Guai. It is close to the border with the Savage Divide. Hereare items that contain Loose Springs. ... He’s close to a Tadpole quest NPC. Take the samples found in the booths to help you in you first minutes of gameplay. While they aren’t guaranteed to appear immediately at these locations, a bit of exploring around those points should net you an encounter with a Yao Guai, if that’s really what you want. They may become Scorched when attacked by scorchbeasts or the scorchbeast queen, becoming allies with other Scorched creatures. Named by descendants of those held in Chinese internment camps before the Great War, yao guai are mutated black bears and one of the more vicious creatures of the wasteland, sporting razor sharp claws and teeth and a nasty temperament.Despite this, yao guai exhibit a gentle, familial bond toward one another when found together, and can even be domesticated. Yog Guai are actually in third place (since you can actually dodge them.) Head to the location on your map, and find the Yao Guai. Expect a nasty fight, because they’re quick, powerful, and an especially tough Yao Guai can kill you with one hit.

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