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Long charge time, but attack itself is i8. TC [4-14]. Long charge time, but attack itself is i16. If you need anything, you can talk to any admin in there! Long charge time, but attack itself is i8. Bryan Fury Tekken 6 Frame Data. Required fields are marked *. Wallsplats/RO. According to the game's producer Motohiro Okubo, the game's code name in development was \"Luxor\" in reference to making the game feel more akin to the first Soulcalibur. JF timing A or B with each hit gives more dmg. Soul Calibur III Setsuka's Ending B: Input Ending Setsuka will kick the knife away and tell her revenge is pointless, before walking away with her.The same woman is featured in Mitsurugi's ending, where she is taken hostage by a samurai Mitsurugi is about to kill., — HolyCarp ☂️ (@HolyCarpSC) August 4, 2020, Setsuka WOH A/B Setup #SCVI_SET, — Drataks aka Pamplemousse (@drataks) August 4, 2020, So are you going aPat style combos or SCIV Setsuka styles lol #SCVI_SETS #Setsuka #SOULCALIBURVI, — Brad Davis (@Master_Sorel) August 3, 2020, #SCVI_SETS #SCVI_SOPH Setsuka is able to get an 8B+K B lethal hit against both TAS AA and TAS AB, Just frames live. Currently, the wiki houses frame data, movelists and combo guides. News and features. Soul Edge was somehow involv… CH STN on 2nd hit only. 236 stance is slightly different. Sakura Fury Combo: 24: 64 (20,16,28) 4-14 +2 +2: 2: NC. JF timing does 38 dmg. Soul Calibur 3 - Setsuka - Ending A. JF timing does 34 dmg. Reader Comments . Setsuka's not much of a pressure character but works better as a counter fighter, so be patient and be ready to strike when your opponent slips up. Why isn't Setsuka available yet? @deibisuFGC Jgphoenix: 32: 8/7 7:06AM: Setsuka's Rising Red Moon: Pegeta: 2: 8/4 11:27AM Bruce Irvin Tekken 6 Frame Data. Kayane managed to ask them both a lot of questions during EVO Japan so the interview goes long on a number of topics like how Haohmaru plays in SC6, what upcoming updates are coming to the game, adding frame data … Last edited by Sown-Laughter ; Aug 12, 2019 @ 9:00am This wiki is primarily for the storing of esoteric technical information. 2.20: Lethal Hit Combos #SCVI_SETS, たくさん味わう農民 #PS4share, Give up and die indeed…. Forces crouch on hit. SC3 Setsuka was annoying to learn and I gave up hopes of ever using her with any sort of finesse or expertise. TJ (14-31). According to Bandai-Namco, Soulcalibur VI will focus more on story elements. Move does 4 less dmg at tip range. Your email is never published nor shared. TJ [17]. Xianghua, being well experienced in life during wartime and martial arts, often told her daughter war stories. Can also be done with. There are no comments for this journal entry. Instant version of "Umbrella" FC 3aB. @Ramontsf1 Check out our store on Etsy for more information. If you need anything, you can talk to any admin in there! JF timing does 30 dmg. TJ [8-30]. TC [12-18]. Silver Moon Combo: 24: 20: 4-14-4-4: 2: Silver Moon Combo: 24: 36 (20,16) 4-14 +4: KND: 2: NC: Silver Moon Combo: 24: 58 (20,16,22) 4-14: KND: KND: 9: NC. TC [10-19] Ends in BT. JF timing does 46 dmg. News Soul Calibur VI gets more customisation items tomorrow 2019-05-15; News Devs "open to the idea" of releasing Soul Calibur frame data 2019-03-19; News New screenshots of Soul Calibur VI DLC character surface 2019-02-19; News Amy is the next character heading to Soul Calibur VI 2019-02-18; Videos. She took up the name Neve and travelled to Istanbul where she became a self-defense teacher to orphaned children. TC [8-17]. News Setsuka Stuff : Frame Data, Combos, Techs, Discord…all you need to know ! 2nd/3rd hits don't come out on block. Here are all the details you need to know to get started with her ! qperok: 90: 8/5 5:16PM: Setsuka Art Soul Calibur 6: Zeroax: 2: 8/21 8:54AM: Setsuka story spoilers. Long charge time, but attack itself is i10. This includes, but is not limited to: in depth frame data and user written character guides. Like Tekken 7, Soulcalibur VI uses Unreal Engine 4. The fragment she held reacted strongly to this place. Long charge time, but attack itself is i12. +16 on CH. More dmg when "Vernal Reflection" is active. JF timing does 34 dmg. Long charge time, but attack itself is i10. For SoulCalibur VI on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "I'd want both Setsuka and the Alpha Patroklos style. After Xianghua left Kilik and was forced to marry a Ming General, she gave birth to Leixia. In f… SETSUKA DISCORD : Join the International community to discuss about Setsuka, all the combos, infos, techs are gathered there ! SETSUKA’S BIBLE : Mechanics, Combos, Punishments etc…, FRAME DATA AVAILABLE HERE (made by the Community). After her fight with Mitsurugi, Setsuka understood how mistaken she was to pursue revenge. Does more dmg when "Vernal Reflection" is active. More dmg, more range + KND when "Moonlit Reflection" is active. Hits grounded. Hwang, Setsuka, Hilde and the Lizaard are missed though, so here's for a season 2! Long charge time, but attack itself is i10. @drataks In the mountains to the east, she happened upon a city where the residents had lost their minds from the effects of evil energy. Setsuka Stuff : Frame Data, Combos, Techs, Discord…all you need to know ! JavaScript is disabled. These tales sank in while Leixia was young, giving her a deep love for her mother, heroism, and swordsmanship. A SoulCalibur VI interview with the game's producer Motohiro Okubo and director Yoshinori Takahashi has recently been published on the SoulCalibur Community website. She also taught Patroklosher fighting style during this period and told him that he must not indulge reve… Hashtags for Twitter to find the new discoveries : #SCVI_SETS and #SCVI_SET, Some Players Twitter accounts sharing Setsuka discoveries, @upipon (Yuttoto, EVO 2019 Champion) Don’t hesitate to regularly check all discoveries videos on their respective Twitter Accounts, and also on the Discord channel in the different sections ! Setsuka is the character I wanted in the most when she didn't make the initial cut. Bob Richards Tekken 6 Frame Data. Are you guys enjoying the release of Setsuka ? 43.4k members in the SoulCalibur community. The sub for all things SoulCalibur related! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Note: All of my gameplay videos are uploaded for entertainment, not for skill. 33_99B does 20 dmg. Super LNC. Yeongseong\Hwang Setsuka Lizard man & guest rock never had story tbh aside fighting evil & him worrying about BAngooo his son unless Rock is the preorder bonus which I would hope Dampierre would be. 2nd/3rd hits don't come out on block. Hit me with this I'm never playing Sophie again.thanks to @Ramontsf1 for the idea (you can ukemi trap after the A+B but my hands hurt too much to do that many just frames.) by Kayane on August 4, 2020 with 0 Are you guys enjoying the release of Setsuka ? @drae_val (Draethion) TC on frame 10. Our Soul Calibur 6 Mitsurugi Strategy Guide will help you learn all about playing as Mitsurugi in SCVI, tips, combos, Soul Edge, and Reversal Edge. Cuts through projectiles. "What's going on?" @metakuzu Help support us by proudly wearing some of our merchandise! 2020 Hypelist: 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, Setsuna: Of Rice and Ruin, Kingdom of … "Umbrella". This community is run for fans, by fans. The game began development before 2014. ... setsuka, stream in Soul Calibur, Soul Calibur 6, Video, update. If you look at the roster as a whole, females were largely underepresented, so it's fairly reasonable. TC [4-8]. This puts Setsuka in an 8 Way Run, which treats the moves as though she were running/moving in the direction you inputted. In the case of Setsuka it actually matters since she apparently had to dye her hair from blonde to black/brown to pass as a local instead of a foreign and this has always been a thing with her since SC3 with her 2P costume. @holycarpSC Check out our store on Etsy for more information, NC/3rd hit doesn't come out if the 2nd didn't hit. NC. To create a new comment, use the form below. So, running at your opponent (66) and pressing B, which is 66B, would be the same if you did 236(6)B. Soul Calibur 6 statistics including the latest character, teams, geographic and game systems stats. Big thanks to all the community for sharing all the techs and discoveries, you guys are doing amazing ! I have to say, this is kind of a hard game to make a good tier list for with loads of differing opinions between regions but this Japanese tier list makes a decent case for the base of a current list. NC. By Kayane / August 4, 2020 Version 2.20 : the full patch notes are finally here ! Baek Doo San Tekken 6 Frame Data. I was thinking after I finished with Tira I would learn Cassandra but my friendship with Cassandra has ended, Setsuka is … Email Article to Friend. Version 2.20 has arrived today, and, as usual, there have been some tweaks and changes that have been made alongside the soon-to-arrive Umbrella killer Setsuka and some fun Tekken… Read more SoulCalibur VI Without Borders : Don’t miss this Worldwide Invitational Exhibition ! Ends in BT. SETSUKA’S BIBLE : Mechanics, Combos, Punishments etc… FRAME DATA AVAILABLE HERE (made by the Community) PUNISHING SETSUKA DOC SETSUKA DISCORD : Join the International community to discuss about Setsuka, all the combos, infos, techs are gathered there ! Players should be happy to know as well that the Jack-O’-Lantern equipment is now available to everyone. SoulCalibur 6 released Update Version 2.25 which introduces and adjusts battle mechanics. 42.8k members in the SoulCalibur community., Tip vs Setsuka: You can ukemi after being hit by SC 1AAAAA.Back tech will stop her from getting further oki pressure. There have also been some adjustments made to Setsuka. TC[0-13]. Compiled by Wallsplats/RO. Long charge time, but attack itself is i8. Instant version of "Twister" (22_88aB). Even so, those typical european features are good to accentuate the fact that thats their background to begin with. ". 253 votes, 46 comments. Special thanks to the Project Soul team for their hard work and releasing this awesome character ! Force crouch on block. Costs a small bit of meter. EVO Japan is this weekend and for the occasion, the Dengeki writer Kurita Oyakata compiled his and other player's thoughts on a tierlist for Season 2 of SoulCalibur 6. @spaghetti_za, おい?? #PS4share, Ver. The sub for all things SoulCalibur related! Determined to destroy Soul Edge on behalf of her sister, Cassandra left her home. Legendary_Musas: 18: 8/4 7:28AM: Setsuka Trailer and more! You are using an out of date browser. Welcome to the 8WAYRUN Wiki! Tournament Players Top stories Game specific news Forums EventHubs Discord Player finder Justin Wong's column Most commented stories It may not display this or other websites correctly. SoulCalibur IV (Xbox 360 Version) Story as Setsuka. #SCVI_SET, — Spaghetti (@spaghetti_za) August 3, 2020. If people are vocal enough about wanting these characters I reckon we have a good shot.

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